Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Mathematical Tourist: The Street with No Name

So in the midst of my googling the other night I came across this picture that I fell in love with. I decided to check out the website it came from, something I rarely do not unless it's an interesting photo or I need a photo source or something. And all in all I'm happy I stumbled upon this!!!

The Mathematical Tourist: The Street with No Name

So for those of you that's getting to know me and haven't check out the About Me page.

My name is LéSans LéRue. My mama named me after my dad's ex-girlfriend from high school. Yea I know, crazy huh?? Lol. It's Canadian French for Street Without A Name or Nameless Street. Thank God we don't use American Meanings for our names right?? Haha!!

So since its a very unusual name there isn't much on it and not only is it hard to find someone named LéSans, finding those cute License Plates and matching accessories are like looking for a specific needle in a barrel full of specific needles—next to impossible. All the LéSans' I knew are older than me and pretty much all of them have passed on to the other side. Tragic.

Anyway from time to time I like to google and see if there's something new or added. And I came across the picture and decided to read the post.

So not only does he say where he found the awesome picture but the post is dated May 19th.

My birthday is May 20th.

If that's not awesome I dunno what could be hahaha!!

So I had to share this awesome good tidbit with everyone.

You never know what you'll find web you look hard enough!!

Not only did I find an awesome blog to follow but it had something to do with me as a person and became more than just a something but a great happy personal memory for me.


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