Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A March Tidbit

So yesterday I awoke to the sound of the tv blaring a basketball game. It was Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky and even thought was like the tail end of the game, the sounds of basketball rang loud and clear in my sleepy ears. Made think back to when I was a kid.

I dunno how many of you get excited over the March Madness but I never did. Really wasn't important to me. Until one day at school it became a homework assignment. I remember being in elementary with my pigtail wearing lil self and coming home with the bracket sheet and asking my dad to help me. We went through it and he explained everything like it was a math problem. But I knew he could do it, my father was a very intelligent man. So to me it was a big deal lol. So he would make copies and sign and date it like parents do and I would get my points. But it was the watching of the basketball games with him that made it worth while. To see him happy and excited made me happy and excited. And usually when he filled the bracket sheets out he would be wrong by one or two if that!! But was pretty good at it.

As I got older into my teen years he would always ask if they passed the sheets out or not. I think he began to enjoy it. And I remember maybe my junior year of high school and my teacher passed out the sheets and he said for every one we got right we'd get XXpoints plus the points for doing the worksheet. So I brought it home and asked my dad if he would fill it out and I threw in my 3 cents like always lol. So when I took the sheet back to school my teacher noticed the handwriting was different. He asked why and I said my dad filled it out. It's not like you specified who was to fill it out. I don't know who's going to win oppose to who's going to lose its not really my thing you told me to have it completed and brought back to you. So he said well next time you fill it out but I'll give you half credit. I said fine, like said earlier it didn't matter to me either way in the first place. Well this time around my dad happened to get them all right. Down to the very final team. It was like a mad science.

After the March Madness was over my teacher asked if my dad could come in and talk to him. I said ok I'd let him know. And my dad did that and asked if it was a problem with me (was sorta bad from time to time hahaha). The teacher said no, I just wanted to know how you filled the sheet out(?). My dad laughed and said "Why, Because I got them all right this time??"

The teacher said well no sir laughing, "This is the first time I seen someone actually fill the sheet out and then get all right. It blew my mind to be honest sir"

So my dad asked, "Well of that's the case does my daughter get her points?"

The teacher said no because she was suppose to fill it out. So my dad laughed again well next time I'll just give her the answers. And my teacher laughed and said but I'll give her dued points irregardless for a job well done.

My dad smiled happily and said, "Well then that's all that matters maybe next year I can get it right!"

Unfortunately the following year my dad didn't get it right and missed a couple. My teacher said to me what happened?! I said I dunno and giggled. Because I found it amusing thy he was so astonished at how my dad was able to fill out the bracket sheet and get all of the teams and winners and champions right without a mistake.

My dad did get another one right (makes two that I remember) but by that time I was in college. And they didn't believe in such silly nonsense lol.

But to me just remembering something like that made me happy and all warm and fuzzy. Made me reminisce those nights on the couch with my dad watching the games and cheering when he did. Listening to his anecdotal reasoning on why the player did this or why the player did that. Of course he would know he was a basketball player in High School, the military and college.

So I thought I share that memory with you guys lol. It made me sorta happy and I hope you enjoyed it too o(^▽^)o

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