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Magnetz, Stickerz & Polka Dotz—OH MY!

Nail Polish!!
Or Lacquer, Paint or whatever you call it.
It's been awhile since I last talked about it!! A long time lol
I've been trying everybody (or Ladiez, Dollz & Girlz) to stay on the up & up with the new fashion trends. But I'm getting older and I tend to forget so forgive me ok?? OK lol.
But I've noticed a few things recently about nail polish!! The females are in a frenzy!! It's so sad too lol. Especially when the trend turns sour like a lime or drops faster than it took to become a top notch fashion trend.
So I've decided to throw in my opinion of each. Two of which I've tried and the other was just amazing enough to talk about lol. Plus I've got a few sites you can check out for those nice fancy at home (unboring plain polish disasters) nail arts.

Magnetic Nail Polish

Have you guys seen this?? I happen to be up early one morning (or stayed up late one night) and the Today show was talking about fashion trends. So nail polishes and few others were the topic. So she talks about magnetic nail polish.
She paints the girl's nail and flips the nail polly lid and low and behold there's this awesome design. Whoa how she, how she do that thurr??? =O
I got real interested and wrote it down and promised myself to look it up. Sunday or Monday I had the time to do so after weeks after the fact. I'm on Amazon looking and searching. Found FUCKTONS of it! (BTW I cuss a lot and if youre not ok with it I suggest you leave now while you have some innocence left lol) OMG this is sorta surreal, I said to myself. It just came out and there's so many brands and colors that it's hard to tell the gooduns from the baduns. What is this witchcraft???
So after seeing some of the prices for the serious knock offs I'm like no I'm not paying $20+ for some polish that's spose to squiggle and prance. That's absurd and ludicrous. Tuesday morning I'm at the local Walgreens picking up orange juice and tissues or Kleenex and a few other things. Here's this huge display of nail polly. So I mosey over to check it out, it's magnetic nail polish. You've got to be shittin me, right?? Lol. I check out the colors and notice most of them were dark colors. What is this emo's world gone wrong or what?? I love dark colors don't get me wrong!! Hell look at the blog dammit, but really?? Can I see a neon green or electric blue.....a pearlesque white maybe?? So I pick out this royal teal death-like color. The polish is by a place called Nabi, found it at Amazon too but Walgreens had em for $4 a bottle (still pricey to me but that's my personal opinion) which was a lot more affordable than $20 for one bottle.

Well the other morning, I decided to try it out. I learned that it's best to have a notebook or something of the sort. Because trying an unknown polly on your nails can be detrimental and disastrous!! So I grab a piece of old plastic and try it out. First blotch was too thick. Ok tried again it came out pretty much like they said it would. Lines are a bitch though. Whichever way you hold it is the way it goes. So if you are interested do some trial and errors so you know how to work the magnet part. So 3rd and 4th blotches—nothing. Why?? It dries way too fast for the magnet to work. You got to be a serious experience flipper of the cap OR put on a semi thick coat to get a good result.
Now when I looked the other day on Amazon (because they sell just about every thing). They had very little to offer. When I looked again THERE WAS SO MANY it wasn't even funny!! Even China Glaze, OPI & Loreal had them. Now hold the hell up!! I think this "fad" has gone a little too far. If it just came out a month or two ago and it's popping out top notch and knock offs already there's something seriously wrong! I looked over the reviews and noticed how many people were having problems with them—period in general. WOW! It's not working, or it's very faint or it's just too goopy, etc, etc.
I say it's a nice thought but honestly it's kinda hard. Like anybody can paint their nails but to add a step and flip the cap. I'm sure someone did what I did (or will do) and got nail polish on the magnet instead. I'm not saying it dries INSTANTLY but it dries fast enough for you not to be able to get the "magnetic" effect and you wasted time and would definitely need to start again. Unless you want to go over it 20 thousand times until you might get it right, but then you run the risk of smudging it or having mismatched nails (whether your color coding or not). But I did realize the thinner it is the better the result with the magnets to work but it don't come out cute, bright and pretty like the pictures lol.
To me I don't think it's a good investment but then again it could used for fun. Especially the Lil Divaz out there who have slumber parties and girlie parties and whatnots you know?? I dunno maybe they'll come out with a better formula or something lol

Polish Strips[AKA Polish Stickers]
Now I have tried these. Well these have a bunch of pros and cons and OKs and yes and noes and so on and so forth lol.

When these jumped out a few years back, not only were they $10 (or more depending on the place), Sally Hansen was the only company that sold them and there were just basic colors and a few designs. I ended up at the Walmart and found a couple on sale for about $3-5 (guess they decided to mark down since it wasn't doing so well) so I snatched up the electric blue.
It took forever before I decided to try it. I took it out the little strips and read the directions. Hmm seems easy enough. So I took one apart and was so baffled I'm like MAMA!! GIMME YO FINGA!! And I put it on her nail (since they were long and Diva-ish lol) and it looked pretty good. I did another and she's like that is ENOUGH.

So I tried one of my little stubby fingers. It worked. But I will say if you don't have a good length of fingernail, you will have problems.

Now if you know me, I was the nail shop QUEEN HELLO!! But when you broke you can't go. So why exactly do I go?? Well because I've always like the nail shop even when I was little. Went with a grandma once to the nail shop. And I liked having pretty nails. But with my long fingers and ungenetic ability to not grow any pretty nails of my own, I always felt my fingers were just ugly and strange. But that's how I feel lol. You see that picture up there don'tcha?? XD hahaha

I will say I love the Polly Stickers. That's all it is if you haven't tried them. They work best with a good length fingernails. If you got stubby fingers or nails that won't grow like mine it's hard to shape them or "file" the excess sticker off. Because it can smudge or stick together and create that "tape ripple" lol.
However its worth the MONEY!! Why?? Because you can stick and go!! In between nail appointments?? Stick & Go! Not good at making your own designs?? Stick & Go!! Switching from Work Profetish to Club Scene Chic?? STICK & GO BABY!! Wish they had them when I ended up with a bad manicure and was too lazy to do my own lol.
Overall!! I say good investment. Plus other companies are throwing out nail stickers left to right. HELL they even got em for your toes!! All the different designs, holiday ones and new ones are popping up like daisies!! Hell to be honest it's cheaper than a bottle of cheap chipping prone nail polish, and going to the salon to have Ms. Mei-Ling paint them for $25+!! So I say go for it!! But I would put on a nice top coat like Seche Vite dry fast top coat because when the color starts to wear it turns white. Otherwise if you don't plan on being particular, a top coat really isn't needed and I wouldn't recommend any other top coat but Seche Vite, it's one of the few that won't take off the color or eat it up.

Polka Dot Nail Polish
Now we all know this phenom right??

The Crackle Nail Polish. I haven't tried it personally myself but it seems like everyone loves it. I noticed now they have like a two ended pen. One sides crackle polly and the other end is regular polish. I saw black & gold, baby blue and white and green on green combos. Which I thought was pretty cool. They're sold at Walgreens if you're interested.
Anyway in my Magnetic Polly search the other day I was on Amazon. I see this one "item" if you will pop up.
Polka Nail Polish?? Hmm–
Wait now how the hell—?

Now if you know your way around the Nail Tech world the best way to make polka dots is to use a dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool a toothpick or something similar will do just fine. And so you dip it into the polish or acrylic paint you want to use and dot and dot until your Lil Heart's content!!

So when I saw this, I just couldn't figure out you get this epically awesome spray of dots! There's no way someone's doing this by hand. Especially since some of us can't do the left like the right—it's perfectly normal so don't get upset about it.

But then I figured it out. It's by a place called Nubar. They have two colors: Black and Silver. Well the silver is glitter. So is the Black. Make sense now?? Since it had two sized dots it was baffling and I assumed immediately, well maybe this is something like the crackle effect?? We all see that worked out nicely right?? Then I read the reviews from Amazon and people were saying how hard it was to get the dots off by nail polish remover. Well that's why. Any glittered nail polish is hard to remove. It like grabs the cotton swab or ball or pad and holds on for dear life!! Thus turning into a bigger mess lol. Trust me I know! I steer clear from glittered pollies. Only ones I do use are nail art pollies or stickers or maybe acrylics. They're not as hard to remove when you're ready.

To me it's a nice idea for a vacational or long field trip or just one of those I don't give a damn weeks. But if you change a lot like I did or want a cute quick fix this is not the thing for you.
So would I recommend this?? No.
Would I try this?? No.

Glitter polish ain't no joke and it's best if you use it sparingly. Whether you got ACETONE or NOT!! It can be hard, frustrating task.

Nail Arts Pleaze!
So just as I promised. I'm going to post a few websites and pics of simple at home nail arts you can do yourself. It's best to do baby steps and trial and error. And maybe next time you head to the nail shop you won't give Ms. Mei-Ling a hard time—you know who you are *nods*.
Here are some designs I did a while back. From time to time I dabble into things and I can do nails, other peoples, I'm just way too lazy to do my own lol. Yawl know I'mma Taurus hehehe

Mine are slightly different:

So if you try hard any design is possible just takes time and patience. I also googled a lot! Got books and DVDs on it. But if I need a basic fix a French tip is my best work lol.
Simple Stripes

This can be done with either nail art paints or a thin paint brush and your favorite polish or acrylic paint. More designs here. And Here.
I thought this was cute, especially for the upcoming Summer ^_^
Tropical Tiger Stripes

For the tutorial click here!
My Ro-Ro-Roses!!

This is simple and probably wouldn't take long if you do 1-3 nails. Don't try to do them all the same time. Remember patience is key!! More Floral Designs here

Nail Art Linkz
Nail Art Gallery
Cindy's Nails
Nail Crazy
Gosh Darn Awesome Nail Art
Well I hope you guys enjoyed that!! Lol
Now if I find any more or get a chance to do a nail design or two I'll definitely post them ok!!
So Happy Nailing to all my Nail Art Loving Groupiez out there lol

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