Friday, March 30, 2012

Lemme Upgrade Ya

Hey yawl!!

Sound like Paula Deen don't I?? LOL.

Well a few fixes!!

One I've decided on the new domain name.

It's going to be

{drumroll please}

Simple, easy to remember and not taken—yet (hopefully dammit!).

I swear everything I tried to add a dot-com to that involved a Bunny was taken, being used, or needing a new owner. Yea no thanx I'm cool!!

So that should be getting changed definitely by the beginning of April—maybe later. However I do plan on introducing it and letting you all know ahead of time. I promise you won't be lost or anything and you will be able to find me so no worries. I'll be sure to build up for it. Besides I know some of you are saying why are you FIXING SOMETHIN THAT'S NOT BROKEN??? Ehh let's not call it that. No its not broken but there's nothing wrong fixing it, in this case it's more of an upgrade. It's like that wonderful upgrade your iPhone or iPhone Apps always need. Just quicker and less stressful and painful hehehehehe!!

But I'll be building you guys up for the moment so you can be prepared for the move lol.

The 2nd thing.

I dunno about adding more labels or topics just yet. Why?? Because my life's pretty hectic the way it is and adding another would be a lot. However I still plan on doing so. So instead, I will add the one I promised about deals and stuff. So if I remember a good deal or a website or something worth while I'll post it and let you guys know. So you all check it out. I'm still deciding if I should delete old post or Archive them or something I dunno. It depends how it goes ok?? So don't get mad at me if I lag a little bit.

You know I'll take a personal self-motivational field trip every once in awhile but I'll always come back :) lol.

Maybe in the future where my life has settled down a bit and is smooth sailing on a Monthly, Weekly, Daily Afternoon–I'll add a few more labels and topics and maybe who knows we might have a bunch more to talk about in the years to come lol.

For now that's all the fixes—oops I'm sorry, UPGRADES I have for you until next time or something goes utterly wrong in April like it usually does. It never fails does it??? Smh 3 years and every year we've had a problem in April. Ain't that some shit?? Lol I dunno maybe that's what makes things interesting for us or our Climatic HIGHLIGHT for the year and the years to come hahaha.

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