Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Prove a Point

So from time to time I hit a bump in the road and may need a question answered right?? So I take my ass on over to Yahoo Answers and ask. But I never get my questions answered or if they are answered I get a dumb fuck answer or some lonely douchebag giving me a lecture when it's apparent they spend too much time on that fucked up website—


So they pissed me off last night saying I'm a whore this and I'm evil because of well I get to that in the next post. Remind me ok lol.

This because of that I posted a fucking questionnaire for the so called smart and intelligente men and demigods out there.

So if you ever have a moment just do something like this:

(SKIP TO THE BOTTOM if you don't wanna read it, it's ok I won't be mad ok besides I know it's a bunch lol just look for the cute divider down there)

Ok I had a few Demi-Gods give me some crazy advice so now I'm going to be a grown woman and ask and I appreciate your answers ok

What's a good woman to you?

Where do you go to find her?

Looks vs Personality which do you chose?

Name something more important than sex

STEAL is to STALE like 57341 is to...


Would hook up with a girl like her below?? Why or why not?

Would I be wrong if I said that girl is a stupid college drop out thats a total bum who's a selfish wh•re that's totally insecure nerd who daydreams more than accepting reality for what it's worth. I also think she's slutty too with a funky a•s attitude. She's got B•••h written all over her with her nasty piercings. I bet all the men she been with gave her a slew of kids too!


Pick 1:

Good Sense of Humour

Do you believe in that fairy tale ending type of life? (wife & kids story ya kno)

Rhetorical Question: Still wondering about that girl above?

How old do you think people should be to get married?

True or False: Men do you think women should be like Barbie?? (I mean have a million jobs, great shape, long hair, etc)

Wondering why I did this?? I'll tell you in 3 questions

3. Did you know most good women aren't in the bars and such but are at stuck at home?

2 Did you know that we as humans accept the wrong doings because we hope for something better??

1. Did you know that girl above up there, yea her—I'm that girl.

You know I've had more guys dog me, be mean to me, hurt me and treat me badly before ever considering any kind of relationship with me. I was told I'm only be a mistress, a baby mama, a quick f••k for when he wants. Apparently me graduating 4th in my high school class makes me stupid. My leaving because my dad died and I couldn't afford to go any more makes me unsuccessful and useless. My staying at home taking care of my elderly mom makes me a bum or a mooch. Me reading, writing or learning about another culture makes me a nerd. I fell in love with a man who didn't have the decency to tell me he was married. One guy made me walk home on a old winter night at 11 at because I wouldn't have sex with him or give him gas money to see his baby mamma.

I'm judged for being defensive and cautious. I'm judged for speaking my mind. I'm judged if I spell a word wrong by accident and seen as illiterate. However if I mention that I love the word pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism I'm being a smarta•s troll. I'm unladylike because I cuss like a sailor. But I'm bourgeois ghetto for wanting to go to a restaurant that has linen napkins, chinaware and flute & wine glassware.

Dammit I like to knit as a hobby for Pete's sake I love arts and crafts.

I'm even judged for wanting to be a single mom. But given the track record you can't blame me right.

Someone's gonna say I'm being petty or I want a pity party or something offensive.

But I'm not I'm just proving a point.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover or contents. Believe me I understand that.

I'm not saying I'm looking for a guy who owns his own company or works as a CEO for a fortune 500 conglomerate.

You don't need to know how to write a business proposal or know the algebraic equation. As far as I'm concern a college degree doesn't measure intelligence like age doesn't measure maturity.

Yea sex is important to everyone—women included. But it doesn't make the world go round and round. It just populates the world.

But I don't think I deserve to be oust by men entirely just because of a few flaws or mishaps in my life.

No I may not have had a boyfriend or gone on a real date. I even got dumped at my senior prom and he was just a friend—But I think at my age which is damn near 25. I think I'm capable enough of knowing what kind of man I want in my life. Yes I have a mean streak that pops up every now and then–I have a low BS tolerance ok lol. I'm clumsy and a cry baby and I listen to music to make me happy when I'm feeling sad. I'm not much of a cooker but I know if I can learn to drive in due time I can learn to cook. No marriage ain't my thing I think it's time consuming and frustrating but I'd give it try too. You're suppose to try everything once, right??

My family is the creators of dysfunctional families everywhere. And all I've got close to me is a mom. A mom who was married for 45+ years to her childhood sweetheart—who was my dad. Did I mention he was white?? Yea my mom is black too btw. I'm the only child but I'm not some spoiled rotten brat doll. I'm not super model thin and I definitely don't look like Barbie.

But in all that I know I'm a good person.

And for anybody on here if you have to be mean and judge and say outlandish wrong stuff to people because they're asking a simple question is beyond F•CKED UP!!

But I'll admit one thing I've learned

Karma is a bitch and it'll hurt when it comes back your way. I had to learn that the hard way.


Thank you for doing this for me I appreciate it a lot lol



The reason I did that was because I don't like people who throw in their two cents but it's Canadian money (no offense)!! It's like when you tryna use your quarter in the bubble gum, candy, soda pop machine and you twist and turn, push and shove and you cant figure out why it's not working and you realize this is Canadian Money!!! AWW FUCK!! is what you say and you give yourself a full cavity search in hopes of finding a quarter and you realize you wasted your time and still didn't get what you went there for. I know we all have had that moment. For me it was college the ultimate useless candy machine lol

Anyway if you show people or let them know you won't take no shit and just basically troll they asses. Trust me they'll get the motherfucking picture real quick!!

And so yea that's how you prove a point ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did XD LMFAO

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