Friday, March 30, 2012

Exercising 101

Any of you out there that hate exercising like I do??

No matter if they're playing my favorite song or if there's shiny Pom-Poms involved or noise makers or a bakers dozen of hotties on my tv or physically in front of me. I'm sorry I'm just not motivated and I get pissed off and bored easily. I just hate exercising.

I don't mind walking around but living in the hood or bad part of town where rabid crazy dogs and creeping kidnappers are roaming about—IT'S NOT SAFE!!

Not to mention these gyms and community joints are ridiculous with their membership prices. Like dammit for $40 a month I expect VIP treatment and security and bouncers. But I say no to these places anyway because I don't like that every gym, even the fitness center on a college campus, always has that one group of miscreants hanging around not working a muscle but they're just THERE. WHY!? Are you getting a boner or are you here to hang coz the club kicked yo ugly ass out???? It's creepy and I no likey!!

But I found out that the only way I can enjoy it is if I get a "reward" of some sort. No no I don't mean food or something expensive or a certificate. But a meaningful reward. Like a new purse, new clothes, jewelry, a new game so on and do forth. I dunno call it silly but I feel better knowing I gave my best and worked hard and the small prize might be meaningless but its worth it to me. Like when I was cheerleading in high school. The fact of losing the THEN extra pounds was rewarded by a uniform, ribbons and bows, Pom-Poms, social status, spending my Friday nights at a Basketball game in hopes of of team victory. It was very rewarding. To a point of course. But it made me happy.

Now I'd look just silly attempting something like that. But the reward part still is a motivation. However the down size for me is when the reward gets old or the progress stops. Then what exactly have you gained right??

You ever work out expecting to lose a pound or 5 and you gain triple of what you THOUGHT you were gonna lose?? Then to top it off you're still a weakling. Hell a newborn baby got more muscle than you. Damn shame ain't it?? It's crazy!! And water spose to be light and weightless....ain't that much water in the world, ok?

So anyway about year or two ago. Probably when I came home from college I said I would lose some weight just to stay on the up-and-up with my energy. Because once you lose activity or no longer have a need for a certain activity your body will get lazy on you and it'll be hard. It's like that transition from high school to college or life after school. You know where your hella active running around and it comes to a stop and you enjoy sitting your Kardashian ass down for a little bit and then 3 years later you're tryna figure out why you can no longer see your feet. Well anyway I came across this website that gave a list of activities to do to lose 1 pound. Well that makes sense. It can help. The whole jumping jack, crunches, push & sit ups circus ain't my thang ok! However since the computer war over the years, I haven't seen that list in forever!! So I googled and found, I guess, a new list or an old one. Either way it's still useful information.

I decided to post the list, however what I like most about this list, it's made especially for you. You enter your age and current weight (no lying) and it tells you how many minutes you have to perform or do a activity to lose 1 pound exactly. Which is good because the whole all you need is 30 minutes and a cardboard treat will do it & within in 7-10days you'll lose one dress/pant size. Just because you lose an ounce doesn't make it any better. Thats a disaster waiting to happen.

Then, I found another "calculator" on the site called The Ideal Weight Calculator. It tells you an ideal weight. For me I personally said and feel, anywhere between 120-130lbs is an ideal weight for a woman who's 5'3". Guess what the calculator told me?? The ideal weight would be around 126lbs. Not too far off the beating path huh?? Lol. I will be honest I do NOT think its healthy for someone my height to be a 100lbs. That's very unhealthy and can result in someone wanting to be skinnier. Did you know that's the average weight of a 10 year old. Hell you should have your skinny ass in a car seat!! Now you can get mad but I'm just being real. If you don't like it you shouldn't've been reading this blog OK!!


Ok so here's my personal list of activities I can do to lose 1 pound.

List of Activities on How to Lose 1 Pound (1lb)

If you'd like to use this please by all means do so, however I think it would be best if you do your own then that way you know for sure what will help you out!

Trust me being at war with weight and judgemental people can be a strenuous task and quite frustrating. I should know!! I've had yo-yo weight since I was kid, tried all the fad and cutie diets, got daily exercise and nothing. For me the only time it really helped was when I skipped meals and starved myself. Which I will get into later. It's not the healthiest or most logical way to do things. However we all have our own way of losing weight and no one should be forced into harming themselves or putting themselves in the line of danger.
So listen to me and do ways best and healthy for you. If you need a break by all means take one!! Need a piece of candy, go right ahead just don't go overboard and no sneaking food!! That makes it worse lol.

So do what's best for you ok!!

Find a nice exercising activity that not only interests you but its also fun. Take your time and take a break if you need one. It's ok, fuck that buff bod dude and skinny ho over there they don't know where the hot wing shop is at right??? HELLO—BUT WHO DO?? WE DO!! Lol!

One thing I did love was the games for the wii. It was fun, got to sweat and enjoyed being competitive. And if I got tired I'd take a break and play some bejeweled or UNO or something then I get back to it. So not only can that be a good investment but an additional help in your endeavors. Then a good diet can help to a point too and I'll get to that in another post ^_^. And don't forget to reward yourself!! Losing 50lbs might be great and all but losing 1lb is just as good and it deserves to be rewarded too :).

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