Thursday, March 29, 2012

Draw My [Some]Thing!!


I dunno how many of you are dorks like I am.

But there are certain games that rock my socks. Especially those twisted mind games that makes you think or use your brain in a way you normally wouldn't ya kno?? Lol

So there was this Facebook App I found or stumbled upon called Draw My Thing. It's something like pictionary. But it's online and people or the person you're play with has to figure out what you're drawing and trying to say.

Well there are 2 versions. The online version can have up to at least 10 people I think at the most. And no more than 3-4 rounds and you can play and play. Only problem is that when someone leaves the game or basically chat room it ends the game and you lose your progress and have to start over. So whoever are the first 3 or 4 people guesses the correct word they get points.

Now the second version called Draw Something that's an iPhone or Andriod App. And it's only a 1-on-1 game that seems to have infinity rounds. The longest round I played was maybe 40 or so. However if the person can't guess the word and passes or gives up you start back at round one. What I like is this one doesn't have consequences in spelling out the word like the online version does. And there's more challenging words like people, strange ass objects. Plus you gain monetary points you can spend to buy more paints or colors or ink. Or buy bombs that either get rid of some of the letters or switches words if you need them too. Plus you can have at least 10 1-on-1 games going at the same time.

Its actually quite addicting but it is fun to me. I like to color and draw and could do that all day long. I think one of the reasons I stopped doing so on the net. Not only was it hard to find people to play with. Every got mad at me because I used my awesome tablet. Well hell you expect me to use a laptop mouse to draw and color?? I'm awesome but I'm not that kinda awesome.

Anywayz!! If you haven't played it yet you should totally check it out once. It takes some getting used to but it's enjoyable hehehee :D

Yea I'm a dork so what, sue me short bus regular hahaha!

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