Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chapter 24 | Growing Up

My DNA is made where I can never remember people who were nice to me. But also it's so few it be hard to. If we're close then there'd no need to panic.

However, I will always remember the people who hurt or mistreat me even if they ignore me or "pretend" they didn't see me. It's like a gut feeling and I advoid them at all cost. I hate awkward situations. But in this particular case I saw a guy that was down right horrible to me(!!!) the other night at the grocery store.

But do you know how much I wanted to go round house kick him in the NUTS???? The devious side of me giggled. But for the most part when I think I'm gonna bump into him or see him someday I always wondered to myself wtf I would do.

And to be bluntly honesty I'm surprised at myself I would usually confront someone. But this time around I didn't. And as I sit there losing sight of him standing by the ginormous window. I was proud of myself. To the point I know I probably had the biggest smile on my face :D.

Guess that's what it means when you become an adult huh?? You let it go, move the hell on & worry about how you're gonna write the next chapter.....btw this story is getting GOOOD o(≧▽≦)o

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