Saturday, March 24, 2012


Changes, Changes, Changes!!

Don't we hate them?? Especially when we get in a routine or just conditioned responses and if you're like me you just don't like change like Stewie lol.

But every once in the while it's good to switch things up a bit and make a few subtle changes right??

Change #1

So I been thinking about Changing the domain name. Now don't panic or snap out or get upset. It's not final and you will be able to find me always whether you google me, bing me or go to twitter, Facebook or tumblr or whatever—you'll find me, I'll be here no worries ok lol

Don't get me wrong I love and had it for about 2 years now. Been on blogger for almost 3 years. And to be honest things have changed and we've come so far, and just a bunch of stuff. At first this blog, this was just to post a few poems and short stories I written on here. Then it turned into a venting place where I vented what I couldn't. Then I threw it by the way side, basically. But one day I needed to do more than vent and say what the hell I felt without getting everybody's two fifty cent pieces. Or people telling me I'm so weird or how crazy I was for this and that. And all this about how blonde I shouldn't go and why my porno nails were too long. How creative I should be because of this and もしもし? 元気ですか?久しぶり

Look. We are all different and if we can't accept that then you are missing out!!! So I decided to write. That's what I do best–sometimes hahaha!! And I began to enjoy it. I didn't realize until I stopped writing that I would miss this so much. Just miss you guys period. Love you guys!! You read my corny thoughts and stories, random postings and I hope if I could've inspire you even just a little bit I'm happy. I refused to be fake and all Internet celeb like because that's not who I am and the more I changed as a person and aged and mature and shared some of my deepest darkest issues lol. Well to be honest, the more I became Bunny. The more this blog became different and mean something new!

I thought about changing it a while back but I couldn't bring myself to do so. I felt like I was betraying myself you know?? It felt weird but I know now that back then wasn't the right time to do so. Even the other night looking at stats and stuff I'm like I need to remove the "Sauni Rue" label. But I stopped myself. If I did that, I felt like I was losing something important. Like removing the bottom base of a pyramid. Without it we wouldn't be here right?? Like that pyramid wouldn't be standing tall without its base right?? Right!! So I didn't move or change it. However I still want to change the domain name. But what to?? Hell I dunno!! I've thought and thought and have no clue!! I love the ItzMzBunny just like a lot of people do too. But I feel it's too much or something. I feel too Diva-ish to do something like that lol. But I don't want to do a UGH so plain!! So boring!! BLECH! No likey.

So maybe by time April 15 rolls around I'll get it together and let you know what's it gonna be. But if you have suggestions you know I'd love to hear em!! So don't be afraid to email me or comment or Facebook me, to tweet or tumble me!! I don't bite, not unless you're into that sorta thing ;D OW! Hahahaha

Change #2

I was considering the other day adding a few more labels. Not that I want a catastrophe like before. OMG THERE WAS LIKE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Labels. Not cool and it got frustrating for me like it did for you guys!!

So I noticed that there are a few things I want to talk about or possibly bring up in the future and we need labels for them. Not that the current ones don't serve their purpose. But we need originality and organization round here at the same time—OK!!

So if there's anything you're interested in or would like for me to talk about don't hesitate in letting me know ok!!

One definitely will be about online deals. Like where to get body jewelry, clothes, deals and discounts, so on and so forth. Those type things. Hmmm I just might call it I ღ Dealz (⌒-⌒ )

Change #3

Because all good things come in 3.

1 thing I'd like to do is get a buncha posts out this yea. I think 300-400 would be nice. Maybe even 500.

So that means not only will I have Ro stop being so extra extra LAZY!! But I also need to learn to finish what I start. Shouldn't and Can't be dishing out advice if I can't take my own helping/serving right??

Within the next couple weeks. I'm going to improve me, not just for me or some shady lover. But for everybody you know?? You guys included. I guess I got so laxed in everyday life routine that I liked not doing nothing. But then of course I got bored and needed excitement, but it takes time for Insta-Happy and it's about time I get active & Physical lol.

So either way, I hope all you Guyz, Dollz & Groupiez will continue to stick it out with me and be patient and take very good care of me lol

These are the best bonding moments I'll get until I have my baby hahaha or a puppy ^_^ either or works right??


So for now those are the top changes. Can't make the goal too too big otherwise it turns into a problem instead of a reward. But I feel everything will turn out alright.

Plus I hope you guys like the minor changes with the site!! The side bars & new buttons & dancing stripper bunny up there (if you hadn't noticed lol). I likes it!! Lol it's looks not so blabbed and jumbled up TO ME anymore ha! Might do a few more minor changes nothing crazy. I love the neon emo was of the page. It's better than that pink lovey dovey crap from before if you've been with me once the dawn of the Dinosaurs XXDDD.

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