Friday, March 30, 2012

Antique Blood | Young Container

My dad used to have this saying he would retort when someone called him old or pops.
He'd say:
I've got young blood it's just in an antique container.

He was a total goofball lol.
So I was thinking. And not only have I noticed that I feel old. But omg have you seen these young kids lately??? They're a mere teenager or 20, 21 year olds. BUT THEY LOOK OLDER THAN I DO and want to talk crazy to me. Like Lil kid GTFOH.
Here's what I mean. When an issue comes up or pops up I always think about it and consider multiple issues and answers, etc. Sometimes if it's simple I know the answer and if not like everybody you need to get your head bumped or feet wet to know what the hell is going on. Like girls nowadays. They're so weak to me when it comes to men. They accept whatever they pick up in whatever bar/club or Internet chat room. Jobless, toothless, with his little boyfriends and more luggage than Paris Hilton & Kim-K combined!! They just in love with these no count men and then expect someone to feel sorry for them when shit gets tough and rough. But then when they ask me my $1 worth I'm like put the mother-fluffer OUT!! Pack his shit in hefty bags and you take yourself and the kids to a new apartment and start anew. Do I get a thank you?? No I get a sermon on how much of an evil, conniving, JEALOUS HO I really am and how I don't understand LOVE and how disrespectful and disobedient I am to men and blah blah yadda yadda yadda!!
Like what you ask for my advice for then?? The hell?
But anyways, it's a lot of different things even things I say. I talk about icebox and or when I talk about the things my grandparents did with my mama.
All in all. It may make me sound old. But I'm not I probably should be 52 lol but no I'm not. I just sound like it from time to time. However the down fall is the "baby face" and added shortness makes me look like a little [fat] kid. Plus my voice is sorta squeaky too. So not only do I look like a teen I probably sound like a tween. Lol. My mom's friends used to always tell her how much I sounded like a cute baby doll on the telephone and it was so cute and stuff.
Everyone has always got my age wrong. I hate it when the kids want to think of me as a little kid. And call me sweetie and stuff.
I'm always like

So unfortunately in all this no I may not need Botox like my fellow 25yos but it's sad and truly annoying to get carded everywhere you go. But, I'm happy I don't look hard like some people do!! These kids are scary and I'm like damn do I look like they do??
I hope not…
In the style of Ernes-T
I got antique blood it's just in a young container
—for now hahaha
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