Thursday, March 29, 2012


Do any of you suffer from Allergies??

I've always had allergies or always been allergic to something. From diary products that make me dog sick to hating Spring and Summer that comes with sneezing my head off and stiff joints.

They're a pain in the ass aren't they??

But is it me or are they unusually super hero strong this year?? I'm all for a nice winter but kill that green shit off so I can breathe and sleep!!

I know, I'm feeling the dragging grogginess because my hair went from a cute nice flat iron pony clad to looking like a stalk of Brocoli XXDDD HAHAHAHA. That's how I know I don't feel good.

Not to mention my hands always peel so bad and they look so damn dry even the Vaseline ain't working. Well least it did help the lips so I'm happy there lol.

But where do allergies come from?? What are they good for??

Everyone's allergic to something and some want to be sick like those mentally ill hypochondriacs out there. And also we get new stuff we find out we're allergic too.

Like usually me any diary product is just an accident waiting to happen. NOOO I don't get the poopy thing like everybody else just a bad ass tummy ache. Lol had to say so ok XD. I'm allergic to pollen and dust and even grass. Hate nature, and sometimes it gives me hives like crazy!! Now last year I found out I was also allergic to peanuts and Ibuprofen. Ain't that about a bitch. Especially the ibuprofen. I was talking it cause I was suffering from these bad headaches and sinus head aches. However as soon as I took some ibuprofen my body would start itching like crazy and I'd be covered in red stop sign hives and my face and hands and feet would balloon up and swell so bad I could barely eat or breathe, touch anything or move it was HELL!!

But it's funny how your body changes as you get older or you end up hating the very thing you used to love to death! It was crazy!!

Now for the past couple days I've been sneezing but I'm afraid though!! My grand-diddy sneezed so hard once and threw his back out and was damn near permanently crippled from it. And I've got my own back problems and I ain't fin go through something like that since the ones I've been having have been hurting. It's like getting karate kicked in the back and chest at the same time by a well trained samurai from Osaka ...... Yea.

I guess as the weather keeps transcending I'll eventually pick up some benadryl and zyrtec to release me!! Lol

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