Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Havin a Thought Here, Mate

Ive learned in my damn near 25 years of life that people are going to be crazy, judgemental, force their beliefs, and bring me down if I get up too high on my tippy toes.

However, I've also learned that when I stopped giving a fuck–literally. Things will be clear and make a lot of sense. Unfortunately there's moments where I wonder if I were LeSans would I react the same way?? No probably not. I would want to forgive and hope for the best (Soldier of Love & Fight for Justice ya kno?) the whole while crying like a big baby.

As for Bunny I can't say I wouldn't do the same. But after awhile things get old, tears dry up and my emotions are so twisted and nightmarish now I doubt I would really give a shit. Honestly—because I think, if I really gave/give you the best of me. The very best of me, let you know all of me. I doubt I'd get the same type of compassion when it's your turn.

Just a nonsense thought is all this was.

But–I guess that's why I'm sucha Icy Cold Bitch. The people whom I assumed would protect me forever never did, or couldn't or just chose not to. And to me that's what hurts the most.

How can you not expect me to be on my defense with an attitudinal smirk?? Lol

^_^ OH WELLL!!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stealing Education

Now before I begin I've decided yawl to add a new label a new category. It's called (basically) What The Fuckery or abbreviated WTF-ery.
So what exactly is WTF-ery??
It's stuff, things, topics or just crazy shit that MAKES NO SENSE of whatsoever. Like someone asking why must I go to the toilet to pee, why can I pee on myself?? WHY WOULD BE SO LAZY AND PISS ON YASELF?? If there's a "place" to potty......take yo ass to the potty, street, bush, whatever—go to the potty dammit. WTF.

Now on to the topic—

Yawl see the news???

Lady has to serve 5yrs in jail for sending her kid to the "wrong" school district when she lived in a shelter in another neighborhood.
How is that stealing education? If the shelter is in Mainville but Jr. gotta go to Eastville wtf is the problem?? Just say Ms. Lady Ma'am you gotta send Jr. to Mainville school district but really?? You goin to send her to jail for "stealing education"??
WELL HOLD THE FUCK UP!! What about the teachers who pass kids along or won't teach them the required material?? WTF about that?? What the fuck about the lazy ass teachers that wanna talk about irrelevant shit?? I had a teacher in college that talked about dumb shit like that.
Oh but let's send the mom who made an honest mistake to jail. Least her kid was in school
America is so fuckin retarded
*slaps forehead*
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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