Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yup, It's Finally SO!

It's been a LONG ASS TIME HUH??

Long time no see.

Well where to begin hmm??

I don't even know. Lol

So much shit happened and it was just too crazy for me. Too damn long for me to explain it to you and just an unnecessary handful full of bullshit no one wants to hear lol.

But in all honesty. I will say this:

•Grew up a little bit
•Became a Lil more Mature
•Got hooked up in a crazy triangle trifecta
•Had a FPA (False Preggo Alarm)
•Got caught up in some bad Friendships
•Got shit taken away from me
•Got Bitches thinking I was born 3 seconds ago
•Decided to get my life together
•Got a better perspective on Life
•Things are much clearer now that I'm a couple years older lol
•Tryna get my life on the right track
•Got a little job (nothing extravagant)
•Got my drivers license (took 7 tries tho yea I kno, I kno I suck XD)
•It's nice to be liberated, free and happy!!
•2012 is definitely gonna be a good year (at least I think so!)
•I learned a little more as far Love's Concernt—maybe hopefully I dunno still
•Still got a bunch to learn and I'm ready!! Hehe
•Got a JOURNAL or Diary or whatever lol (and it reminds me to write in it when I don't XD EPIC *up top; hi5* o(^▽^)o)


•I MISSEDIDID YAWL!! (feel free to call CYF and child services near you and tell em Mama's been neglecting and ignoring you lol)

So yup that's what's was POPPIN and goinz on all in a minute or 5 and yup ^_^. Even tho it's 7 in the AM and I been up working. I work from home, little online job =]. I'm tired as hell yawl. So I decided HEY IT'S BEEN DECADES sice I was last here and wrote something that was worth while.

So what's new what's goin on?? Did you miss me??

I hope so :( I don't my Happy High to disappear just yet!!)

Oh yea I got a Tumblr!! I LOVE TUMBLR I'm sorry it's wrong and probably forbidden but I did and all for his anime Hottie named Himekawa!! Yeaaa I'm still into my Anime!! You kno I'mma dork—still, yes.

Anyway go check it out


But in all honesty why ain't yawl tell me I was missing out on something so awesome?? I mean it's nothing compared to ping.fm

—None of them are actually lol but that's not the point.

So if you have a tumblr follow follow FOLLOW!!!

Anyway my job next thing I wanna talk about.

So since times is harder than concrete. And everybody want money money $$$$$ now. And jobs aren't hiring me because of whatever the reason, whether it's bad credit or no experience. I'm tired of being broke :(. But I also understand that I just can't start off the top. I get that. But really?? Shit you want me to go to the cotton fields or something?? Damn. I'm not slave material, my skin says so yo!! Lol

Anyway. A while back I got this tweet or DM from somebody about working as a webcam girl. And I'm like really?? You really expect me to believe some cockamamie bullshit like this?? That's what I said to myself. Well let's face it?? How many time have we heard something too good to be true and it turns out to be a heartbreaker??? LOTS!! O_O I kno I have clicked and read a buncha dumb crap and then I love those sites with the 5820 miles long conversation and once you finally hit the bottom the Lil just buy for $100 gazillion shits there. Like really?? Really dude?? Ain't no conversation that entertaining to me. Not even a hot ass hooker would be that HOTT for that crazy price.

So I clicked and read it and didn't really retain it. I was out and about having fun with people—did I say people? I mean HOz or Bitches even, who weren't my friend and feel like I fucked up the relationship and shit. Like no bitch no (T_T). It was you and your lame ass boyfriend and how you fucked me over that fucked up our friendship. But you do whatever the fuck helps you sleep at night ho. Oh yea and hooked up with someone and ended up hooking up with their ex who ha sum undefined issues with themselves. And 3 other people got invoked UGH turned into a wicked ass nightmare. I did NOT like it nope. It one bit!! And I am so glad it was over then and I'm oober geeked out its a closed chapter!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ YESSSS!! So anyways I happen to stumble upon it again. And this time I read it and retained it. And thought hmm I guess it ain't so bad. I dunno.

So at some point down the line I became broke, lost and just down right confused. And that webcam job thing popped up in my head. So I read and read and REREAD like the certified reading boss I am. And I thought hmm I think this may be worth my time. And I looked into and decided HEY I THINK I WANNA DO THIS!!! O_O

But the thought of people I know watching me doin "naughty sexy filthy things" on cam embarrassed the hell outta me. Crazy RIGHT?!?!? Yea it was like high school me jumped out and said no and started crying and kicking and screaming and shit. It was terrible and I couldn't bring myself to do so lol.

So now after realizing I need to get it together. Especially after seeing this bad ass house for rent that I fell in love with and would love to live in or live in something like it and that FPA scare. I wanted to be prepared. So I thought and thought and thought.

One day I sent an email asking questions that weren't on the FAQs. Got a quick response, and I guess I got impressed. And got good answers and got happy. An about a few weeks later I signed up!!

But not as a webcam model lol. Can't do that type shit when old peoples is lurking and other old people got telescopes pointed to your room and shit. Lol

So I became a webcam model agent. I recruit people (yes womens and MENS) to be models ^_^. Quite a simple job I send people my link try to get them to sign up and I get 10% of whatever they make for LIFE or for as long as they work or whatever. It seems scam-ish. But this time around it really wasn't believe it or not.

And so far I've been working for about a week and I like it. It's hard to get recruits but I'm not gonna give up so easily ya kno?? But I like the fact I can work at home or from wherever and when I want to ^_^. Makes my life easier and less stressful.

So yup!! I gots a Lil job recruiting people to


Sounds like a kinky story lol

Copyright btw ok!!

So in the next post I'll talk more about it.

Now I need to potty and wanna eat.

So in the meantime go to YouTube and listen to John Legend's "GOOD MORNING" and I'll be back sooner this time

It's a promise (^_~)−☆

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