Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 7

YAY WE KINDA MADE IT TO A WEEK RIGHT??? lol had some technical difficulties.

ANYWAY lemme tell yawl what happoned Monday night after all that BULLSHIT!! So i was talkin to my BFFFFFFEFFF (aka my baby cuzin who's 8yo ^.^ she's wild but sucha sweetie pie lol). So I told her I'd BRB coz I need a potty break and sumtin to drink. So I get distracted into watchin tv and then I'm like OH *grabs iphone*. So how bout the bitch (my iphone thats what I refer to it....as o_o) UM KAY anyway, so the bitch screen is in an OFF MODE black screen I pushed all them muthafuckin buttons. Now it was able to receive calls just couldn't PICK EM UP or text back NOTHING!!! I tried 3 different plugs chargers and a MANY OUTLETS!!!So now I'm mad as hell. Theres no way something that costed $600 and the bitch don't work YAKNOWATUMSAYIN?? So how bout BOTH APPLE & AT&T are closed. I'm like WTF O_< but you bitches are selling shit 24/7 WTFTOSIT?!?!?! So I'm cussin and mad like I'll call them assholes bitch dick suckers in the MORNIN. So I'm thinkin to myself like well we can try one more option, hook it to the comp. So I and pushed the buttons and it came on which blew my muthafuckin mind coz I would think that electricity is more importante than compooter juice @_@...... Anyway here's the best part of the day. So I go out to get the mail coz I hadn't gotten it in a couple days and there's PACKAGES MAMMY out on the porch and to say the least mail scatter all over the garage floor (thank goodness it wasn't in the wet spot lol). So 2 of the packages I knew what they were and then it dawned on me what the ginormous one was for. So I'm lookin at this other box like WTH are you about?? When I get in the house I opened it and here it was my new Internet. So my other source of Internet had broken for the 2nd time and I just gave up on it. So couple nights ago I saw this commercial for Internet didn't really pay it much attention. So Sunday or Monday I see a commercial same company but it was sellin this Lil thing no bigger than a regular sized celly and it's called the hotspot. Well it's a wifi 4g Internet connection and I'm like OMF THIS IS AWESOME LIKE THAT COULD SOOOO WORK FOR ME!!! So I decided to order it was the same price as the other but seemed more useful to me than that piece of junk. So i was expecting that it wouldn't be here for a couple days but low and behold there it was in this GINORMOUS (quite ridiculous) BOX. But here's the best part, there's no wires or cables and my fuckin internet is EXCELLENTE!! How awesome is that??? =D I say pretty gosh darn snicker doodle awesome ^.^ lmao!! So no worries, ur favorite PinUp Gal is def back ONLINE *boop boop boop booop* (^з^)-☆


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