Monday, December 6, 2010

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 6

So today was very eventful. Extremely eventful to the point that it actually rocked my socks lol.

So what you guys don't know and now that I get a good thought about it, I dont know if you really know but WTH ^.^!!!! Ok so I'm bisexual if you didn't know now you know lol. and I have been almost 2 years. I had always been curious and well curiosity got the best of me, however had a jacked up relationship and at the time I forcefully decided it out of anger. However in the end I felt soooooo MUCH better you know?? Anyway(!!) I did and have talked to a few girls some a cool and.....well, I'mma get to the point.

So like early September I met this girl and we hit it off cool or whatever and had a few dates. Long story short, I'm assuming we broke up, even though I'm pretty sure we did lmao IDK YAWL IDK!! So in the midst of our "hooking UP" she introduces me to a friend of hers I'm assuming now that it was to keep me preoccupied while she did HER ya know?? However, I was aware of her man from the get go so I cant really get mad right?? Anyway so me and dude kinda hit it off not too much (he wasn't who I wanted lol). I'm not gonna get into real detail but I find out and that her and dude used to date. Yes you read that write, least you didn't have to endure the conversation xp *ew*. Ok so like after MID-October, they both stop talkin to me, why I don't know. So I ended up leaving something importante at his crib and I had to chase him for a WHOLE ASS MONTH to get my shit ya know?? So he was playin games and took his time bout gettin my shit. Not to be crude, but I aint come to yo house to have a fuck session I want my shit so I can leave, right?? Anyway so she came over we watched a movie, and she's ready to go home, I'm like can I catch a ride?? She's like NO I gotta go home.......T_< *what?? exsqueeze me??* So he can take you home. His excuse was that he had no gas in his car *but low and behold you had enuff to go get ur kid and possibly take him home right?? BS*. So had to hitch a ride home that night and I wasn't a happy camper (I'm pretty sure yinz picked up on that).

So. For the past week he's been talkin to me like crazy. So saturday (Dec 4) we're coming home from shoppin and I'm ready to put shit away and get in the bed my feet and back hurt and I'm exhausted!! So he asks me what I'm doin, and I'm like comin home from shoppin. He's like oh ok. So by time 10pm came that night I was flyin off my tylenol and KO'd. She calls me at 1:48pm and leaves this attitudal message, like ITS ME PICK UP THE FONE....U NEED TO CALL ME RIGHT BACK. Now I find out about this its 3something in the AM ok?? So crazy shit was on facebook and I'm like I never know WTF's goin on when I go to sleep or cop a nap, which is tru. How bout she pops a tude on my FB (facebook lol). I'm like well idk if your up now (4something now) or not. What was it that you wanted?? Oh I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with US (him and her). I'm like oh ok. So she's like oh what you don't like me no more?? No never said that, its just since you dont have the time anymore you kno what's the point. So she's like well my dads in the hospital blah blah blah--- OH KAY now before we move on. I can understand that and I have sympathy ok? However if you're going out and having parties and drinking excursions and shit AND the hospital can only doo so much. watchutalkinBOUT?? Ok back to it. I'm like I understand that but still, then I'm like fuck it whatev I'm goin back to bed, which is what I did eventually. So she goes to his FB and says I'mma call you in a few moments.

SUNDAY. I get up a lil late, wasn't feel good, I wasnt. So he goes into this why don't i see you no more why dont you come aroun no mo act?? I'm like what you talkin?? So he's like I just wanna spend some time with you  just wanna see you. Why what you miss me?? Well I aint seen you in a while, you saw me last month T_T. So then he's goes into this argument and I'm like HTFU its a lil cold out to be hitch-hiking it ya know?? Well I'm come pick you up...WTF bout goin home. He's like WHEN DID I NOT TAKE YOU HOME?? O_O!!! O_o?! A COUPLE OF TIMES (coz she took me home at least 3 times ya kno and then of course the i no have gas bs nite). So he's like well there was only one time. OH!! OH!! OH!! Oh oh ok........So I ask him, is this about last nite?? He's like what happoned last nite idk what you talkin bout *lying ass and horrible at it too* I told him she called me wantin to kno if i wanted to hang wit yawl. He's like IDK nuttin bout that.....Let's review shall we ^.^

"Ok back to it. I'm like I understand that but still, then I'm like fuck it whatev I'm goin back to bed, which is what I did eventually. So she goes to his FB and says I'mma call you in a few moments."

And you don't know WTF's goin on?? Hmmm. So I'm hella agitated at this point and I let him know how I feel and he's like well I'm sorry, I apologize. *Really?? Really dude?? T_<* Well do you forgive me?? NOOOOO. So back and forth he got mad.

I go to FB coz I was copy & pastin stuff talkin to my bestest bud right?? How bout they both delete me offa facebook and I'm like OMG!! MY FEELANS IS SOOOOO HUUUURRRRRTTTTT!!! XXXXDDDDDDD CTFUU!! lol


Sooo kids!! If I wanna delete Raechel coz she's sucha slut and slept with my boyfriend and gave him rabies. Is it gonna be difficult for me to delete that skank?? And not delete Bethany in the process coz she wouldn't hang out wit US saturday NITE T_T.

I'm not stupid and that was sum OL BS as far as I was concernt. So guess what I did


So whatever. I did tell her how I felt tho lmao XD. But I'm cool wit it ya kno??? I'm not gonna let ppl fuck up my happy gay as hell button (and I mean gay in a happy joyful way lol). Coz thats petty and childish and last time I check I'll be a 24yo GROWN ASS WOMAN. May not do everything but just as long as my happiness isn't jeopardized I'm truly....Satisfied



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