Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 4

Today we're gonna talk about Christmas shopping lol. Coz YAWWLLLLL just don't KNOW!!!

So today my auntie took me and the mamma to walmart to do sum, basically, grocery shoppin. However the store was HELLA PACKED with all the Christmas crazies and weirdos. To the point it started makin my feet hurt I got ruined over and fondled by a many of carts and pointed objects -_-. Well anyway so we bot us a Lil Christmas tree it's one that wishes to be 2' tall some day ^.^. We're doin it up in Limw Green and Luscious Gold with white & colored lights. Lime Green baby skirt & gold Star topper. Awesome I kno I'll take a pick for yin guys after I put it up ^.^.

So were ready to check out an while we're in the check out lone my mamma almost runs this Lil boy over wit her scooter. But instead runs my foot over >_< *YEOUCH!!*. After we finished checking out we're just standin there ya kno talkin about getting something to eat when all this noise drew ERRYBODYS ATTENTION!! I look over here's these 2 black chicks FIGHTING like they on the yard (jail stuff ya kno ok whatev). Um so YEAH they fighting right so a sales associate comes over like, "TINA THEY FIGHTING OVER HERE" monotone & nonchalantly like that. Time runs over even tho her big ol stripper booty was holding her back *XXDDD CTFU*. So it's said that Shonquita jipped in front of Crayola. So Crayola or mad and bitch slapped Shonquita so thus the fight broke out. Damn shame that they fighting and it's not Black Friday or Cyber Monday lmao XD Oh well maybe next time (^з^)-♡♥

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