Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 1

So imma get a Lil DEEP for a quick min Kay?? Lol

So everything EVERYTHING has a beginning, for example

Genesis 1:1
"1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Time had a beginning, people and animals have a beginning. Even life had a beginning and so do months years and days. NO MATTER what it is or could be or will be it has a beginnin. Conversations, jokes, TV series, buildings, everything. But it also has an END. The go hand-N-hand. Some things you never know when it's gonna end and others have that wonderful expiration date ;D. But we have to accept this order because we can't change it and I do believe we'd be HELLA LOST without it you know?? Lol

So keep that in mind ok?? But I must say I'm happy it started snowing. I just hope that we don't have another year kof the Ice Queens Period!!

But shoppin season has begun, the weather is 2 degrees from freezing lol. And I need a new winter coat!! 1 is too too small & the other got ruined so I need a new coat maybe a hat & sum more gloves & HAT SCARVES

But I ain't diggin this cold tho yawl =\. U hott state are BLESSED!!

Anyway!! It's Christmas and for this post imma talk about shopping for ur loved ones or special sexy someone.

Now shoppin for someone else is HELLA HARD!! Not unless u got one of those simple ppl (and that's a 1 in a SEXTILLION!!) it's hard to find sumtin and they ENJOY IT ya kno??  Believe I kno my mamas kinda like that so I be lame & buy her 2 or 3 movies and sum word searches ya kno??

But imma tell you NOW just how it is!! AINT NUTTIN WRONG AIN'T NUTTIN WRONG WIT GIVIN THEM A MFin GIFT CARD. Hey go to a store like giant eagle or kmart something HEY even the store itself online or brick & mortar ( the building itself) and purchase a gift card or two. Hey they like itunes or Apple products get em a $50 gift card. Like don't be stingy like a $5 or $10 is like waving at sumbody. It's not gonna do shit. EMBRACE THEM & get em a gift card. I would!! And hey if they don't want the gift card with there Lil ungrateful ass self send them to ya kno??

Don't let all the high tech and CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA get to you be cool take ur time besides all the good sales are the week before Christmas so wait it out!! ^.^



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