Saturday, December 11, 2010

T.D.O.C. | Day 11


SO KIDS!!! What's poppin what's goin on???

I WAS POOOPED TODAY!!! SO the uncle comes over and drops off sum salt coz its Winter time and theres a few snow flurries & ICEY planes out there lol. So he takes me to the store. HOWEVER!!!!! My mamma oreder sum shit and there was these 2 GINORMOUS BIG AS THE HOUSE BOXES there!!! Now after I went to the store and he dropped me off, now I SWEAR TO YAWL!!! NO LIE (and you kno i only lie to you a couple time XXDDDD YOU LUV THE WAY I LIE hehe) IT TOOOK ME A WHOLE ass 2hours to get them 2 big ol boxes from the porch to the garage which is only 18 steps away!!!! GAWD!!! By time i got in the house I DIDNT GIVE A FUCK WHAT HAPPONED coz I was tired as hell I need more tha oxygen and a cigarette to make me feel better. SMDH I go to my room hop in the bed and I WAS KO'd!!!!!! and really didnt give a gosh darn thing about it lmfao XXDDDD

WELP!! On to what I wanna talk about. I find it funny when ppl miss you. Like whether it's family, BFFs or EXes ya kno what I'm saying?? It takes a lot to me to actually say OH HEY I MISS THAT BITCH OVA THERE =D LIKE I AINT TALKEDIDID TO THEM IN 81YRS!!!! Like wth??

But still to me it's quite fascinating to me see someone just have you on their mind all the damn time and talkin that bs to you like we used ta do this, we used ta do that blah blah blah whatev! But then when you say "OH what so.....u miss me or sumtin??" THEY QUICK AS HELL TO SAY HELL NO RIGHT?!?!?!?! LIKE make up ur mind crack pot comin to me with that dumb ol bull. If you miss me TELL ME damn why keep secrets?? lol C'mon on now get it together. But what's the hilarious thing about this, about IT. It's always that person who cut shit off in the first place who realizing that their missin sumtin and they feel that if the use the same ol tactics they can get your attention.......NO. KK NO. They make me wanna act like Rihanna, "6IN WALKAH, BIG SHIT TALKAH I never play the victim I rather be a STALKAH!! So baby take me IN I disobey the LAW make sure you FRISK MEH GOOD; check the Panties & the Bra" type shit lol ^.^

But I usually say there aint nuttin to talk about and I don't really wanna see ur ugly face rather much talk to you dammit

But that's how it goes right??



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