Friday, December 10, 2010

T.D.O.C. | Day 10

Hey kids!!

Today I wanna talk about KARMA!!!

People misunderstand the meaning and the integrity of KARMA.

   /ˈkɑrmə/ Show Spelled[kahr-muh] Show IPA
Hinduism, Buddhism . action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti ( def. 1 ) , jnana.
Theosophy . the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.
fate; destiny.
the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

What's truly sad is the fact people ignore Karma or just chose to ignore it. Like the definition REGARDLESS of what it is whether its good or bad, there is always going to be a consequence, reaction......Karma. They forget when they do something nasty or mean to someone else and just write it outta their mind. They wave it off like it's a petty situation or trivial conversation. However these are the same people who are facebookin and interneting WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPONIN TO MEH?!?!?! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE A LIFE LIKE THIS???

I'll admit it that I had a VERY KARMATIC moment in my life. And I've learned from it and I know that no one can't judge me becoz I'm only HUMAN. I make mistakes too! I was soooooo mad at what happened during my 4yrs at Penn State. For me it was very traumatic to accept the death of the love one and continue with the daily routine. It was hard and continued to be hard! I blamed everyone and everything even a talkin piece of paper woul SET ME OFF!! Lol I'm not like that any more becoz I had to learn. Love, Accept, Understand, Come to Terms with what happened, Forgive, Never Forget, & MOVE ON. Once I did ALL OF THAT which TOOK FOREVER to me, I was able to clear my mind and say HEY I wanna be happy right?? Well if I don't fight for it then I can't blame no one but myself. I stopped feeling so guilty and evil and mean. And I learned that it's not about getting the wrong life or wrong living situation. It's about compromise and being able to say WHAT YOU WANT WITH THIS GIFT given to you. God and people will only help those who help themselves. We have trials & tribulations because He wants to know who's worth fighting for and who He knows needs that extra little push! And once you start fighting for what youo love and believe the more He can do for you.

For example when Moses talked with Rameses about freeing his people, all that happened [the plague, the grasshoppers & toads, the death of the 1st son] was all Karma. Here's another laughing at someone when they trip or fall down, you giggle, I know it I do too (OFTEN lol). But then what happens you end up tripping or falling??? ^.^

I kno what I'm talking about and it's the truth. Stop being so selfish and worrying just about you. If you want to be happy think about what it is that you want and HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO GO FIGHT FOR IT???

I Believe in KARMA and the What Ifs of this solitary life. Its hard to find your plae and see where you fit in, but what I will say is that, if you be yourself and don't let people judge you the way you feel God will (and he won't). Show the world how IMPORTANTE & SPECIAL you really are!! ^.^ if you do that and let people know how you feel about them you'll have and live a happier life ^.^

Remember Karma is always Watchin U



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