Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twelve Days Of Christmas | Day 2

So guys it's Day 2!! & I'm havin a few technical difficulties T_T and since it's #2 *lol*, Imma talk bout 2 topics taday ^.^.

So my iPhone has been messed up but workin since i brought it. But when the home button started NOT working or doing it's MFin JOB I call up Apple. They tell me well you have to make an appointment. So I'm like alright so this maybe July or August-ish. And I go so the Nerdy Black Dude says to me OH U HAVE TO COME BACK 2MRW AND PAY $80 TO "TALK" TO A TECHNICIAN.....

The fuck?? $80 for a CONVERSATION?? FUCK OUTTA HERE HELL NO NOT ON MY TIME WATCH!! T_T I said screw it I'm not doin that. So as of recently my fones not doing shit. Last night my Safari ain't workin my apps are tellin me "Can't load without a network or wifi connection." Now my bill is paid ALWAYS and always on time if not earlier. So I'm like Bunny WTF is goin on here?? My reception was like ALANTIS and it just wasn't working. Pissed me off. I'm cussing the fone out cussing Apple out, promise to WHOOP THEY ASS you know?? So I said I'll call them in the morning. I end up havin a restless night or whatnot and I watch me a movie Vampire In Brooklyn. Eddie Murphy, Allen Payne & Kadeem Hardison at they're SEXIEST FINEST!!! *whew >;)* lol any way so then I'm thinking. Don't we all get pissed when our shit or even our favorite shit breaks, stops working, or just died for no apparent reason???

I KNO I DO!! So Imma take it back real quick. So 2006 daddy brought me a laptop for school. Power cord stops workin, I had rubber bands all OVER IT!!! It was ghetto big time lol. So! 2008 I buy a new laptop and besides havin sum space issues, that laptop is a SOLDIER!! FORREAL!! But had the blue screen of death and Internet problems ya kno?? So 2009 July-ish buy another NEW laptop HP. By February 2010 the screen GOES BLACK so called them fixed it for min and it stopped workin pissed me off. So I was computerless. March my iPhone (I had since March) falls out my jacket pocket into the toilet EPICNESS OF EPIC FAILNESS!!! So end of March I took thr hard drive outta the HP & put it in thr soldier and it gave a couple problems and space was mostly it ya kno?? So April 9, 2010 buy a NEW WHITE IPHONE. I find out around my birthday (May 20) that the new iPhone's coming and you kno who's PISSED!! So by my birthday I buy a new computer and by June I had a new iPhone. But after all of that. I get pissed and frustrated an wanna cut ppl ya kno??

I think it's a mental complex when all intelligent thoughts and common sense goes out the window and we act like Cave Men & Women and start tearing shit up coz were pissed. It's understandable. And I know I'm not the only one who feels like. It's AMAZING and quite interesting that we being the smartest creatures on the planet can SPAZ OUT when shit don't work lol. But hey it happens I'm not gonna deny or try to calm it down. You do what's best even if it has to involve gasoline & matches (^_−)−☆

So on to the 2nd thing I wanna talk about. And it's about relationships to a point.

So like I'm always in and out and in an out of a relationship alllllll the damn time. But like I said I want to change that, meet someone nice and actually DATE instead of always "hookin up" yaknoumsayin?!?!

Anyway what I've yet to understand is how ppl say well one can't live without a man/woman. That may very well be TRUE; however there's a lot of ppl who HAVE YET to experience 1st let alone knowing who they need or how they need to survive. We're not VAMPIRES so why are we soo dependent upon someone who isn't a parent. Like how women say WELL I NEED A MAN IN MY LIFE. If you're planning to reproduce well I guess u would dontchakno?? But to say without that person you couldn't be you or even survive without them. I think that's crazy. REGARDLESS if u THINK therefore YOU EXIST. If you couldn't then ur either a vegetable, in a coma or DEAD.

Like for me the only real MAN I got to kno was my father he was great and absolutely awesome. He loved and cared for me and did things most men wouldn't do let alone consider. He gave a lot to know and assisted in making me the person who I am today. However I don't need a man to tell how I should feel blah blah blah.


I think it makes you look weak to be so overly dependent on someone. I can understand well s/he's there for me (or us if theres a family ya kno) or they're the main bread winner. I GET THAT DEPENDENCY, makes sense to me. But o say u cannot function as a person.....THAT BEATS THE HELL OUTTA ME 6_6 just doesn't make sense idk maybe I'm overly independent lol

Oh wellz


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