Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey Folks!!!!

Hey yawl!!

What's poppin what's good???

I ain't talk to yawl in a minute but wit crazy ass school and crazy ppl you kno what I'm talkin bout!! So imma tell yawl what hap but instead of it bein hella long I'll keep it short & sweet but before I get into that—

Sooo Christmas time is here!!! Finally right?? Lol well I decided last night while I was out & about that imma gonna do the 12 Days of Christmas. But I'm not jottin down random thoughts it's gonna be holiday family ooo what do I buy kinda posts. And plus I thought this would be interesting ;D lol. So after I'm done wit this post imma start the MONTH OFF RIGHT and spread my Christmas cheer (like Lady GaGa ;}).

So!! A buncha shit went down yawl lost a couple more friends, gain sum who are selfish as hell who got to GO!! Had my clothes voluntarily stolen had a couple fights. Finding myself as usual, realizing a few things.

And you know, now I can honestly say that as far as friends go (& I'll get into what happen another time) the special ones are those ones you can go FOREVER w/o talkin or seein them and can still pick up where yawl left off. There's no she said an that ho said and this bitch said shit or whatever. Yawl cool!! & to me that's a BIG ASS accomplishment!! Finding a good friend is hard but you gotta go thru a few losers & assholes to get to the good stuff ^.^!! Believe me I kno!! Also get to kno somebody first before yawl claim each other as BFFs!! A lot of crazy shit happens when you get a head start in a relationship prematurely lol. But I will say this, friends are great and an awesome asset to have, but if you don't know how to kick it and have FUN on ya own....well my friend imma need you go to Borders, Barnes & Noble, AMAZON & check out sum self help books. But if u wanna save a couple bills I'll do it for free XD!! HAHA!!

RELATIONSHIPS!!! Who needs em?? I don't understand or get them no more. Like if imma be in a relationship wit somebody, IMMA WAN TO BE WIT THEM ALLLLLLL THE DAMN TIME!! like I can digg we need our "ME-TIME" gig and I respect that ya kno do u boo-boo I got it I understand. But what I don't understand is this PART TIME bullshit. Like how u goin tell me how much u miss me an care for me an blah blah yada yada ylangylang!!! But why not call me text or better yet come see me!! Ya kno I like surprises too bitch lol. But I don't like well imma see ya this weekend and I don't see u till New Years 2035, like cmon now what typa shit is that?? BUT!! if I pulled sumtin like that I'm bein mean and uncaring and insensitive and shit!! Smdh!!! But with all that said and done lol I kinda wanna get back out there on the market ya kno?? Meet somebody get to know em and make sumtin of it [that is if there's sumtin there to keep & be worth it yaknoumsayin!??]. So well see what's poppin ya kno??

Lastly!!! Laughter is the best medicine don't sit there all snot ballin cryin sobbing go get a movie or sumtin or come on here an laugh a Lil bit bitch. STOP THAT CRYIN!! lol have FUN you only live once and experience life take that trip to Hawaii or Australia (just don't drown nobody O_o). You need fun and a few jokes to function properly in this fucked up society we live in yaknoumsayin??!!!

Yea u do!! ^.^

So that's it I'm done..........

wit this lol but yea remember those things and you'll be aight <3

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