Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I happe to stumble upon this anime series known as "Clannad" I'll be honest and say that at first it was very borin and not that interesting but when it started to pick up it became unusally interesting and I can't help but to continue tto watch to see what'll happen next.

However for awhile this whole thing (below) it's call The Happy Dango Family. Now up unto this point I never understood what was the purpose of this song and little animation had anything to do with the whole story (since the whole damn thing is very much confusing at first and you gotta research stuff to understand what the hell is going on!!!!) anyway now that I've watched it I've understood why they have this at the end of the story because it has a lot to do with the story and how MUCH of an importance a family (or a family consisted of friends ^.^) and I just thought this was really cute to the point that I definitely had to take the time to find this on the YOUTUBE and post it on here for you guys ^.^ because as far as I'm concerned you guys are my Happy Dango Family and I love you all for always coming back here and checking things out and being so FAITHFUL and dedicated to me ^.^ it makes me happy and lets me know that I've gotta keep this going coz you GUYS INSPIRE ME =D yea you do (especially since I know that "Hollywood Divorce" is your favorite thus far ;D yes I know these things hehehe)

But anyway I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you guys and I hope you'll stick it out with me until I guess the very end but if that's the case and push comes to shove I'll adopt a kid and have her and my grandkids continuing this legacy of COOL AWESOMENESS LOL!!!

Well I'm done and I'm going to finish this I guess, OH ANOTHER THING!!! Fruits Basket I'mma have to post something about that to for you guys between today or this week OK?! ^.^





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