Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Effect O_o??


So I had this this twisted lil thought last week about doing something for you guys but then the more I thought about I was like:

"So what exactly was my point again???"

& low and behold I got all depressed and confused as if I was walking about a forest naked while faeries of my favorite color followed me graciously like I was QUEEN!! Also I thought that I could get in 200 post before the new year and that seems haplessly impossible BUT THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR RIGHT?!?!?!?!? =D

Anyway so I thought about doing this 11 day thing until New Years but there wasn't enuff exciting STUFF you know for me to do for you guys and talk about you know so I said screw it and decided to find something else to do lol. & YAAAYYY found about it last night or was it this morning?? lol whatevs YOU GUYS ARE IN FOR A REAL TREAT!!!


KIDS?!?!?!?! How was you guys and dollz CHRISTMAS?!?! Mine was the same as last year. I'm too old for presents, candies, sugah plums & the Fat Man Santa; but then again I'm too old to give presents and I just happen to be TAGGED on presents' to/from tag lol. But we put up a tree tho!! it's been a while so I didn't put it up til like the night before XXDDDD I KNO very hypocritical of me but so what made my mamma smile hehehe ^.^. So uh, YEAH ok so we spent Christmas evening with my AWESOME GENIUS uncle and his wonder sweet cutie wife my fav auntie it was nice lol just got bored and did the same thing I did this Turkey Day

What's that you ask??? 6_6


Fell asleep on the table again ~_~ don't judge me KAY!!

Anyway it was nice and I was happy ^.^ so that was good thing.

OH!! Anyway here's the awesomeness part of this post =D. Well I'm working on a new picture and i think this will be my best one YET!!! And I'm sooo happy and excited regardless of what anyone has to say this makes me EXTREMELY happy!! I had a vision about her
like last week and I guess I been working on her ever since ;D and I can't wait to finish but I PROMISE that I'mma take my time and make this at least close to PERFECT lmfao!!


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