Sunday, December 12, 2010

12th Day of Christmas My True Love Bot To Me ^.^

OMG!!!! I can't be it's all OVA!!! feels like the end of the WORLD hehehe!!! Well I think besides the few difficulties we had along the way we did pretty damn good HUH?!?!?!

Welp today I slept in but I tried reliving my childhood that I soooo desperately (in a good way) miss soooo much ^.^. When I was a kid I was soooo in love with Sailor Moon. I don't know how it started or why it started but I fell in love with the story. I eventually read the comic books (which is sooooo much better than the anime) but I will say this that the anime in japanese is better than the english version because the cut a lot of the story out and censored what seems like NOTHING compared to the cuss words and bitches on TV nowadays lmao!!

But yep I decided to start watch it all over again and well too because I never finished the last season of the story in the first place. So I'm on the second season I got about 10 more episodes before I'm done with the second season and then it'll be time for the 3rd season =D. What I love the most about was the beautiful artwork done by Naoko Takeuchi she had vision and such a beautiful story that it just blossomed and for me it made my day ^.^

ANYWAY what I'm tryin to say is that even though you may be all GROWN UP or a TOTAL AWESOME COOL ADULT (like moi) you should always check in and see what your CHILDHOOD SELF is up to and plan a day that you can spend a day with them and do something MEMORABLE ^.^

But of course you know this isnt the end of the Christmas Cheer AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!



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