Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When I Grow Up ^.^

When I grow up I wanna be a DJ/Lawyer/Teacher/Stripper/PornStarr/Actress/Singer/Dancer/HBIC/Fortune 500 CEO/CFO/Fashion Designer/Model/Adult Store Owner/Beyonce's Competition/Poette Goddess/Ochocinco's Baby Mama/TO's 3rd Wife/ Entrepreneur/News Anchor/Creator of the New SailorMoon/Devious Artist/NASCAR Racer/My Besties Maid-O-Honor/Broadway Sensation/Soap Opera Queenette/Ride or Die chick/The Millennia Madea/Clothes for cheep for my BBW/The One who Lights U Up ;)/The Realest Chik u'll ever Kno/Ur Mistress & Ur Lover/The One u'll miss late at Nite/The One u can get enough of/Firefighter/Policewoman/EMT/Architect/& That Bitch who'll PIMP SLAP u in the MUHFUCKIN MOUTH!!


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