Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So it's one of those days where I wanna crawl back into that protective shell an let it embrace and hold me; tell me that life will always be hard and hurt me. But then again.... It was that same shell that was holding me back and keeping me from what coulda been the best years of lifetime. But honestly I must say that even tho that shell held me a Lil too close; I'm happy it did, coz I would never be able to come this far with the wisdom knowing truly who Swan shoulda been but to believe of what She can be makes every Lil pain an heartache and crazy idealistic irony worth for me to be a better person and to say that i was truly happy and I sacrificed that happiness to protect someone whom I luv dearly. Coz the big picture of life is that you win some and you lose some but everyday is an experience worth having. It keeps us focus and alert, even though we repeat alot of stupid things. It's done for a reason & there's always something much great & better in store.

I just hope I'm able to keep my sanity and be able to experience the wonder years lol. I luv my mom I truly do......

I'm just tired of being an adult when I wasn't ready to be one—


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