Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Look in the mirror.
What do you see?
What kind of terror?
Of what do you see?

Can it change anything?
Or is it just lethargic?
Will it help you?
You know, emotions.

Place your finger on it.
Tell me what it is...
Exactly, if you know at all.
Can you hear it?

Whispering, telling, speaking...
To your conscience of hate.
Are you afraid?
Or is your ego too strong?

Concentrate. Speak your mind.
Look at me, can you see it?
You know what it is. Love.
That simply irresistible thing.

Check it out homeboy.
You too homegirl.
You feel what I preach?
Of course you don’t

Are you hearing me?
When I say…
Pay attention and learn.
Attitudes won’t help you.

Me. What’s wrong with me?
Ha. You’re comical.
Maybe even hilarious.
I should ask you the same.

Your ego is taking over.
Taking over your brain.
Your way of thinking.
Your way of living.

Your arrogance is scary.
But it’s alright, you know.
I’m a better individual.
You know of choice.

Are you feeling me, now?
Coz I don’t wanna be.
The one who gazes at.
At the incompetence of thee.

We’re at it again.
So pay attention this time.
My love is everlasting.
It’s better than your wine.

I’m going to say it.
Say it one more time.
No time for you.
For you to be ignorant.

I’ll be more than a person.
And show the way.
The way of Life,
Through the eyes of the beholder.

Me. That’s who it’ll be.
Because of me, I gave pain.
Hurt the ones of love.
Including you, the reflection.

Coming back in one piece.
Show my infidelity of life.
Loving only one, just one.
Hating all others out there.
The world now against me.

Change the fact of me.
Change the fact of you.
Change the fact of us.
Us. There is no us.

I now see the light.
Knowing the difference.
Of who and what I am.
Who and what you are.

Mend this person that we.
That we grown into.
Show the world we can.
Change ourself.

It is you, it is I.
Something we can never deny.
You are so plain.
While me. I’m just…

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