Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'll Be Missin You...

Sooo where are guys who have a job, a car, their own place, NO KIDS (don't play GAMES), good sense of humour, possitive attitude, good looks, DEF GOTTA KNO BOUT #LINEN #NAPKINS & nice restaurants, sum1 who don't mine me watching THE GAME or taking me to one, one who can OPENLY tell me how he feels, A guy who say that he's interested in a 3sum or someone else (& no I won't get mad), someone I can talk to, be open to, let them to really get to kno that girl Bunny, to have me, to hold me, no you don't always have to say "I Love You" but if you show me enuff that's all that counts, I want to be happy wit you, I want to be happy to show you off and meet my friends (even the Ex & Lame ones), I want to feel that it's only u & I in the world, I want you to be my everything, No you may not think your PERFECT & you've made mistakes ..... But to me ur the MOST PERFRCTEST THING I can say I KNO, I want to miss you, think about you, Say 'Im waiting for my Baby,' coz ur the only thing I want and the only one I luv.

But if ur reading this..........D____ can u give me a call?? I just wanna talk 6.6

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