Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Usagi lost Mamo-chan...


Have a thoughts to write. Idk if it'll have a flow or not. Nor if yawl understand what I'm sayin but I'm just—well....dammit it's something I gotta do......regardless.

It's been w whole year since I met you.
6 months to let me get to know you
Even though I still want to know more about you.
It only took me 18 days to realize hoe much I love you.
How much I wanted to keep you
How much I wished you were mine.

We had a few good talks
& the eye contact is something I guess everyone wish they sought.
There was just sumtin about you that made me look at you.
Everything that was me, you liked it
Ur smile was so illumines
Couldn't wait to see it

I knew it from the start
Felt it in my heart
You filled up a void I thought I had lost
You made me happy when I thought ALL was LOST.
You were my everything—still is

I can't seem to get passed this feeling in my heart.
It hurts feels like my chest is caving inwards
I keep tellin myself no it's not true
When in actuality, I'm the one being difficult
But I miss you.
In sucha way I never thought be true

Then again I hate you
For mentioning her
Now WTF am I spose to do??
I guess u love her
I assume u need her
Want her
Miss her
Embrace her
Even kiss her....
What about me??

She may have loved you first
& I know she's ur Wife
But I'm sorry baby I just cant get past this.
I love you ........
& that's all that's to it
I would GIVE ANYTHING to be you
Even my soul....

But I cant give you something u already have.
You are my soulmate
You've had my ♡♥heart♥♡ from the g et-go
I feel so torn & so broken
And so confused
I just can't seem to find out....
What I'm fin to do

I wanna cry so bad
Just sob my little ♡♥heart♥♡ out
I may laugh on the outside
But I'm dying on the inside
My hearts broken
& he is who I want

But since....since I can't have him
Coz he love someone else
I guess I've gotta get it together
Move it along
And do what I gotta do

But I do this:
I will think about him
Miss him
Want him
Love him
& care for him

In the end I know this is clear;
He's the only man that'll have my heart, no other man will be able to get that near...

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