Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hollywood Divorce

What happoned to DATING & GOING OUT?? like why must I be da Baby Mamma?? I think I'm good enuff & I know I'm something special. I'm a BIG DEAL lol. No I don't come cheap and MickeyDs ain't my kind of thing. & Before you ask well ain't nobody gonna do that for you, my dad did. I've yet to meet a guy who treated me as good as he did. WELL YEA I'M SADDITY!! I'm suppose to be if I want better. That's what you're suppose to want in life; something better than what you got. Shoulda Coulda Wouldas don't fly no more. Love IS built on Trust Loyalty Dependability. That's how it should be. Love isn't on well he loves me or she loves me or coz THEY SPOIL ME. THEY DO THIS THEY DO THAT. Saying I love you and doing SO is sooooooo much MORE!!! Will & Jada said it best love isn't about reputation, where u live/d, how good u cook, how GOOD u look. It's about HOW COMPATABLE you are within one another. & HOW you can make something so HARD & DIFFICULT WORK. Especially NOW. Since everyone has children. You have to be able to say WELL DAMMIT I LOVE YOU AND WANNA MAKE IT WORK. & in even in that case (& I agree with Jada) you gotta make that relationship work with the baby mamma or babys daddy. & if y'all can come to a COMPROMISE at the end of the day your main WORRY & CONCERN should be the child and how they feel & how you can make THIS a very HAPPY HAPPY LOVING FAMILY. No I'm not the type to go into an ALREADY MADE FAMILY. I'm not judging it, I just can't handle a Lil crump snatcher saying I ain't their mamma 1 their gettin their ass beat & 2 so is the mama & the daddy for accepting the bullshit. Like if you accept me for who I am. What I feel and how I'll feel. Accept that no I'm not perfect but I'm pretty good at being IMPERFECT. I have issues of my own and PET PEEVES just like everyone else. I'm educated and an intelligent. I deserve someone of EQUAL VALUE. SOMEONE with a job it doesn't has to be NOTHING GREAT a jobs a job don't matter to me. But you gotta teat me good and act like you enjoy my company. Yes I LOVE THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE. I HAVE A TYPE, ok & if I say you ain't my type then your not. A man would know if I'm interested. I'd do whatever to get his attention or to get him to talk to me. No I'm not no ho and it cost money to drop these panties. So don't get it twisted. & I ain't afraid of no man, I'll fuck him up like he was one of my kids. I DON'T PLAY GAMES. If I think I'm important, then dammit I am. NO I DON'T WANT TO BE UR WOMAN OR BABYS MAMMA if u don't have shit goin for you then no I'm not interested. I'm going to school and I'm in a very happy place. I don't need no man or his "child" fucking it up. Saying one thing and doing another bull. And I don't have no time for bull. You wanna hook up wit Bunny then you need to step the game up. I don't come cheap and McDonalds don't impress me. I deserve better and if you can't give me better (and sex don't matter) then we don't even need to have a conversation. I'm a good girl and a damn good woman and if you can't PROVIDE. Well honey baby I can do it on my own. If I think it's possible then I'll make it possible. I'm something special and something extraordinary but I shouldn't have to tell you that if you truly want to be with me. & so far....... I've only heard one guy say to ME how special I am. Damn shame I've yet to hear it from anyone else. If u feel offended or your pissed. Think about how I feel when you say all I'm good for is to be ur SEX SLAVE &/or BABY MAMMA. Smh.


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