Monday, August 16, 2010

"Random Sex Thought"

I can't wait to see him today
As I drive over pick him up from work
I wait till I see his smiling face
As he pokes his head thru the window
To kiss my cheek; as he traces my jaw line
With his hands
He creeps over to the passenger seat
As he takes his seat
He looks at me
& I ask, 'Baby how was work today?'
He just smiles & chuckles
I start the engine
He shifts in his seat
Before I could shift gears
He runs his hand over my ripped jeans
Like he's playin a guitar
As he aims a Lil higher
Just to feel my treats
He whispered, 'Lets go sum place quiet bae'
I smiled & kissed his cheek
& said, 'But first.... Get ya ass in the back seat...'

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