Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Months. 3 Weeks. 3 Days. 3 Hours. 3 Minutes. 3 Seconds.


Hey yawl!!!

It's been a LONG ass time since I talked to my luv muffins ^.^. So ALOT has happened over the past 3 months haha. But imma try to keep thangs short and sweet. And make this post interesting, exciting, mind-boggling, & ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! (⌒▽⌒), last time I posted was right before my birthday. May 16 (had to go check that myself lmao). So if u didn't already know... I got my tongue and nose pierced ^.^ on May 13. Week before my birthday. It didn't hurt a bit am I'm happy to have both of them; even tho I say that the nose ring was a bad idea after all the times I snatched it out >_

Well as for my birthday. My DAY. it wa the worse fuckin birthday I've EVER HAD IN MY 23YRS OF LIFETIME T_T fuckin bill collector fucked it up saying I got money for my birthday that I could give to them or gifts I can go RESELL to give the money to them. Like WTF. What's funny bout these bill collectors. They threaten u sayin they're gonna fuck up ur credit while bitchin they want a cool SEVERAL THOUSANDS as payments. But here's the catch with a fucked up credit score u can't get a JOB!!!! !(◎_◎;) SOOOO how I'm fin to get a job an pay you if yawl fuck wit my credit which makes the employers say OH HELL NAW!!! So yea wasn't a good birthday.

So May was pretty suckie for me.


Well my friend insisted that I go back to school. And I am. It's called Bidwell Training Center. You can go for free if your a PA resisdent. All expenses paid and waved and all that goodness lol. So I'm taking up OFFICE TECHNOLOGY. It's a 5 month program from October to March and I graduate April 2011. ^.^ total plus rite??? WRONG!!!!! T_T so after u go to an information session & take the placement test (which I passed) u have to have an interview with the director of the program. & I'll get to that in a minute too.

So!! I had this friend who I consider a sister to me. Ya kno I was always there for her did everything for her. So long story short. Me being nice I buy her sum clothes then she got outta hand wantin to buy up the whole fuckin STORE T_T!!!! Spending THOUSANDS. Smh. So me and my homegirl tryna help her out get her to do sumtin constructive wit her life. So we called her all weekend long so she can go to Bidwell and she says ok. We didn't hear from her until the day of the information session like I'm ready to go. Ms. Kitten (my homegirl) tells her well it's 8:30am we don't have time to make it at 9. But we'll take you to a few places & apply for jobs. And she told her that I'd call her. So 12:30 rolls around and I'm up & red to go and I call her. She has this pissy ass funky ass attitude and after her convo she hangs up on me. Which pissed me off for the 2nd time coz before we took her to the amusement park and she acted a complete ass. Then had the nerve to say I have a tummy ache and a headache but the bish (excuse my French) wanted fuckin cotton candy cheesecake ice cream funnel cake all that shit. WTF if ur stomach hurts?? So I stop talking to her all together.

JULY!!!! *does air guitar riff* >_< ...... O_O *ahem* o_o anywayz

So I stop talkin to the crazy girl and did me. Coz I was tired of help someone that didn't want to help herself ya kno what I'm sayin?? So her main excuse was how her bf felt. But like look.... IDC that she has a bf that doesn't phase me. It's the fact you want to act like he's the best thing since toasters when I'm taking care of ur ASS!!! *ahem* so. I did me. Went to school for my placement tests and I passed with flying colours *hehe* and ribbons an all that goodness (⌒▽⌒). So I had an interview with the director of my major on July 29th. So I'm excited getting ready for that day. Got burncha clothes just in case coz I wanted to look nice!!! Even bot new earrings so I look presentable ^.^. Well I go. One I missed one bus so I said to myself the busway will get me there quicker right?? Wrong took me a whole hour -_- which made me HELLA LATE =(. So it took me 4 calls before I could get anyone to tell them I was having transportation problems rite. So when I finally get there I had to wait another hour. Around 9:45a it was my turn. So we gonna make this short. This lady jumps on my ass like I robbed 10 banks within the past 10 hours....she didn't like what I was wearing ALLL MY PIERCINGS were offensive my shoes were acceptable either blah blah blah so I walk away there pissed. Coz she judged me coz I was late because of the fuckin bus system *slaps forehead* So I need retainers for my piercings and a bracelet or sumtin for my tattoo on my left wrist (yea it's been awhile lol). Smh right??

So the 30th I decided to go out coz I was still pissed over that fucked up issue -_-. So I go to the nail shop around 2ish-3ish. So the 28th I finally talk to the crazy girl after a good month. And so I asked her if she wanted to spend time wit me. Ya kno I'm bein nice tryin to make our friendship work. So Friday the 30th. She comes to nail shop I pay for my nails & toes & her toes. So I had to go to the waterfront to pick up a few things. I stopped at the connivence store to get me a drink and this bish says to me that her BF SAYS I HAVE TO BUY PAMPERS AND BABY SHIT FOR THEIR BABY COZ HE SAYS SO. Look this bush grabs a cart I'm like o ain't BUYIN SHIT!! T_T PUT THAT SHIT BACK PUT IT DOWN DAMMIT. So we leave and she has an attitude or whatev and I couldn't do the waterfront that day.

The 31st of July.

So me & the Velvette Kitty is on our way to the waterfront to have a movie day or whatev. So crazy sends me a text message. And u kno the hello hey how u what's new convo or whatev. So I ask her what u doin today she's like haven family time wit the bf & the baby at the waterfront. I'm like oh ok that's nice. So we're at the movie theater & we bot our tickets so we went & grab a bite to eat. So Kitty wanted to say hello to her coz Kittys been workin and haven't had much time. So she says the bf won't let her tell US where they are. And we went back & forth so she leaves this voicemail & her Lil punk ass bf is draggin MY NAME THRU THE FUCKIN SHIT PUDDLE!!! Piss me off so it's like 10ish I tell her to tell him to stay where he at coz I'm comin to see him. He's getting smart and shit so when I find his punk ass I cussed him the FUCK OUT!!! But before I did that I was lady like and called & asked WTF the prob was. He goes in this stupid act & it pissed me off and then the Lil bitch HUNG UP ON ME!!!! THATS A NO NO WHEN U TALKIN TO BUNNY T_<.

So I call her and she's in a dumb act to and it pissed me off. And her excuse is that coz he's the fiancé she obligated to him. I'm obligated to piss in the morning WTF's ur point?? I was mad at her coz one she wanna be like how u gonna let *HIM* come between us like it's my fault & my dude. Then she's like well I'm just telling u how he feels. He's mad coz u all talk bout him behind his back. Well he ain't doin shit for u. Ur in a "transitional housing" & he's in a house living Scott free WTF that's not love. So I'm arguin wit her and him. So by time 1130 rolls around I'm still arguin wit her and she hangs up on me. She calls me 2 seconds later like my fone died. Yea I bet it did. So I was like fuck her fuck him fuck their issues I don't need.

AUGUST...... T_T

So August 1st. She's blown my cell up BIG TIME. Talkin all stupid an shit so it was a HUGE ASS FIGHT. It included me Kitty, my mother & her & him. So in the end nothing really got accomplished. Well except that they felt that it's my responsibility to take care o their baby ..... Which it's not. But I'm not gonna allow you to kick me in my ass for no reason coz you feel it's right. That's BULLSHIT!!!

So all together I stop talking to her........AGAIN. The time before she played me to the left.


Now I haven't had a real convo wit her in a minute. So she sends me
This IM like Hi there. Would it be possible for you to watch our son today. O_o! WHAT!? T_T. I told her no. 1 coz I have a cold (cot it the Wednesdays before got cot in a rain storm =p) & 2 u knew wt u wanted to do last week. WTF?? So she gets a tude & says well u wanted to before what's changed?? I mean, u claim him as ur nephew, so......??

I'm like look I don't claim him no more. It's for the best for all of us. No I am not watching ur kid u knew WTF u wanted to do today last week. 3 i have things to do in the morning and I'm not leaving ur baby with my mother since U 2 don't get along ok. So no she couldn't accept that she pops another tude and calls my fone 7 times last nite sayin how I'm being petty and how what happened 2weeks ago wasn't a big thing. So I argued wit her for a minute. And she's like u need to be a woman and call me. I'm like I have a fuckin COLD & A SORE THROAT WTF I'm not gonna waste what lil voice I got on arguing with u. So then she's like well if u have a prob wit my bf u talk to him. Which is how we all got to that fucked up weekend in the first place. I'm like WTF does that you kno??

1. It's not my place to talk to ur bf thats ur job.

2. He ain't got NO SAY in WTF I do on my spare fuckin time or any other time.

3. If u really wanted to be my friend my bff my sister NONE OF THIS WOULDA HAPPENED am I right or am I wrong???

So at this point in time I'm TOO THRU wit her & her punk ass bf. I got my own issues ya kno what I'm sayin?? And right I'm trying my damnest and hardest to make my life right and if ppl don't want to help a chick out.... That's COOL NO PROB. I mean hey OH WELL. But I'mma keep it movin ya kno what I'm sayin

So wit that shit said!!


& yes







3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 luv (^з^)-♡

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"Random Sex Thought"

I can't wait to see him today
As I drive over pick him up from work
I wait till I see his smiling face
As he pokes his head thru the window
To kiss my cheek; as he traces my jaw line
With his hands
He creeps over to the passenger seat
As he takes his seat
He looks at me
& I ask, 'Baby how was work today?'
He just smiles & chuckles
I start the engine
He shifts in his seat
Before I could shift gears
He runs his hand over my ripped jeans
Like he's playin a guitar
As he aims a Lil higher
Just to feel my treats
He whispered, 'Lets go sum place quiet bae'
I smiled & kissed his cheek
& said, 'But first.... Get ya ass in the back seat...'

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