Friday, July 23, 2010

"That Special Someone"

Dear Life,

I want that someone who'll take me to the Movies
A Play or two
The Opera, even if we both fall asleep
Someone who'll hold my Hand in Public
Not thinking nothing of it
Someone to take my sorrow & pain away
Someone who makes me happy
They have to care for me
Accept me for who I am
No they don't have to say "I Luv U" all the time
But their hug & kiss will let me know they're forever mine
I want to have Someone that I have more than "things in common"
I want our hearts to be in Common
Trust me I'll take good care of them
Give them all the luv I have to hold
All the support & cheer ups never told
I'll be there for them
If they'll be there for me

Life, if you do this one thing for me...

I know promise to never ask for anything else again.



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