Monday, May 10, 2010

+*¨^¨*+(Wicked Midnight Series)+*¨^¨*+

"Wicked Midnight"

I've given up
If it's not meant to be
Then I'mma let it be
Wicked Midnight, here I come
Catch Me—

"Wicked Midnight vol. 2"

I am Queen of the Wicked Midnight
You remember that nightmare from last night
Enjoy it—Cause it was your last fight

"Wicked Rain"

It's dark & gloomy outside
But I crave for darkness
I like this blindfold...
I love to hide

"Wicked Love"

When it comes to him
We always bicker, fight & argue
May even make each other mad
But in the end...
He warms this Glass Heart of Mine


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