Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Chibi-Usa (Rini) Small Lady


Hey Loves!!

So I was (& been) working on my picture of Princess Chibi for a while
and what's fun about art is that if you work on it and then forget it
to go back it can turn out better than you'd've ever thought!!! Which
is the case here. I'm not saying it's the ideal procedure for everyone
but in my personal opinion & experiences I like to leave it and work
on somethig else to go back & finish workin on it ^_^. But I thunk I'm
half way there tho I like the new changes.

I retraced that's #1. I had to it was starting to look old, trashy &
dirty. & those "permanent" invisible lines can be a real BITCH
sometimes. Um, 2 changed her hair I luv her two heart halved shaped
pigtails lol but this picture is saying more than cute fluffy
pigtails, so I gave her more teenage like pigtails. They still have
that fluffiness to em, but they've >grown< lol ^_^. Um also you'll
notice that the dress details are a LIL different not a HUGE exact
PHOTO copy but dammit I ha to retrace then freelance, so give me a
BREAK *duh-oi*. Anywayz, but the excess ribbons for the bows are gone
but I'm going to readd them. The old pic it was hard to correct the
spot where they were because of NUMEROUS changes ya kno??

But that's about it so maybe a few more changes & then Maybe sometime
soon I can start coloring it (let's hope I get my Photoshop when that
time comes too hehehehe) an then you'll get to see a pretty pretty
picture!!!!! Eeee-YAY *lol* ^_^


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