Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh Helleerrrrr, Got Sum New Sturff For Yeeerrrrrr


Hey yawl!!!

I kno y'all noticed we got some changes!! *twirls around* YEAH ^_^. Eh it was time for something new, plus well yawl get comfortable so WE can TALK.

*waits a few moments*

Ok so I'm checking out the blog & I'm's kinda CLUTTERED here right?? It was, well it was lookin kinda RUFF yea R-U-F-F!! Lol so the firs thing that had to go was all dem LABELS. I was like DAMN WTF was I thinkin?!?!?!?! Labels longer than the MFin posts!! So I decided that categories would be our next best thing. Because Categories for one say ALOT but it puts things in general & perspective ^_^. So as you can see we have about 20 or so Categories....I'mma try to keep it LIMITED. For your sake & for mine ^_^. So to celebrate it & explain such said Categories in POSTS so be on the look out for the first one in the Category *Advice*.

TWO!!! *shows fingers* ^_^. So we added a few PAGES yaaayyy!!! Lol I know most of you know me & the rest of you don't. I mean a picture & mini-bio can say ALOT but it's still limited. I'm goofball & yin already know that lol but WHO IS SAUNI RUE?? Well take your Lil HOTT SWEET ASS to the About Me Page. So just scroll up to the top to the right to te right and *RIGHT CLICK* on >>ABOUT<< & check that out ^_^. Then you can come back to here so go go go =) go do that now & I'll wait for you ^_^.


Now we also have a "CONTACT ME" Page ^_^ yaay FY-NAH-LEE right?? haha. I been wanting to put something up because HEY you guys may want to ask me something or say HEY could you talk about this for me please?!?! I'd really appreciate it right??  Or even Suggestions or Comments right?? Well NOW you got it all for you so GO GO GO CHECK THAT OUT ^_^ & I'll wait KK??

*waits patiently; twiddles thumbs a bit*

OK!! You're back did you grab a snack or take a POTTY Break?? Well go do that too ^_^

*patiently waits*

So now go take a look around check out some things and tell me what you THINK I'd really LOVE to hear about it. Constructive Criticism is the best advice one can receive. Remember that. Don't take it personal, look at it as another way to please your audience because if they tell you what they like, you'll know how to please them the best in the future *[whispers]: which is always a PLUS right?? lol*

For this post I'mma leave it blank as far as labels go, ok? And like I said earlier I'm going to do the First Post for Advice and throw in a scenario in there. But as well as try to do posts for the next 3: Attention: Importante, Creative Imaginative, & Da Funnies (which I think I've got a good one for lmao). So be on the LOOK OUT for those AIGHT!! =D lol


Ѡίϩɦίροο ᴖ_ ᴖ


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