Sunday, April 4, 2010

MARCH, APRIL, [March!! *lol*]

So YEA I know I’m kinda late but I’ve been going thru as the saying goes, so don’t hold it against me. But I would like to say I’m happy to see that the snow is GONE and that I’m loving this SPRINGY ass SUMMER weather ^_^ lol. Anywayz, I’m still cell phone less, so a lot of the posts that I wanted to post on here are sorta stuck in LIMBO……a few I remember while the rest eh I’m drawing up a big ass blank *GAH-DUUUUUHHH x_@* but I do remember some of the titles and those that weren’t written or had been started so we’ll work on those and you should see them in the sometime near future lol.



Well March was pretty good in the beginning and then got pretty shitty and I had to question my last post -_-. So hmm lets see, well was able to get my hair done and spent some time with my homies, ya know. So in the mist of this PARADIZLE type scenario I’m getting attacked left to right. People giving me a hard time and it kinda forced me to go back into my shell of depression. Smh, I know right?? First the bank was tellin me that the funds that I PUT IN THERE weren’t there and I fucked up yadda yadda yadda…and after 20 days fuckin with them they say OH there was never anything wrong with you’re account. *PISSED!!!* So after that got straightened out I was seriously dreading easter. I don’t like the holiday on account that my mom got sick 4 days before easter and my BFF got shot Easter MORNING. So I dislike it. Then the unthinkable happened -_-….my POOR lil phone (for those of you that don’t KNOW)…My fone decided to bungee jump outta my pocket and take a DIP in the Swirling Jacuzzi AKA The Toilet. OMGGGGGGG!!! So I called AT&T coz I will not and CANNOT stand my IPHONE being broke and out of order. The rep tells me to stick it in a Rubbermaid container of UNCOOKED white rice and within 3-4 days it should be working like BRAND NEW. Ok so I was gamed and EXCITED and shit about it. My opinion on it now: BEEN THERE DUN THAT…..STUPID SHIT PISSED ME THE HELL OFF >:(. So it’s been in the stupid Rice Spa for damn near two weeks and it won’t even TURN ON let alone let itself get a charge from the computer…it’s fucked up & broke bottom LINE. So they told me that I could get a new iphone if I TRULY wanted another one for a discounted price of $150, however (& you knew that was coming all ALONG!!!! Lol) I would need to agree to a 2 year extension on my contract. Hmm…decisions, decisions. Now I’m currently debating if I really wanna buy a new or refub iphone now, wait till the summer where it’s been said a NEW generation is coming out or wait till my contract ends where I can get SUPER GOOD DEALS??? Idk yet, so still thinking on that. But mostly I’m mad that I lost mostly all of my music and apps that I paid for, and I need to call them as well as AT&T to see whats poppin on the subject ^_^.  

So as you can see March started on a sugar sweet note, but ended like a BIG ASS SOUR JAWBREAKER *GASPS FOR LIFE* @_@!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What’s new Mz. April??

Well as far as my life goes I doubt anything will change or turn out different. But I do think the weather is gonna make me happy for a bit ^_^. Plus I  only have like 1 more month and 3 weeks before my 23rd Birthday ^_^ eekkk lol. Out of all my birthdays this one seems the most insignificant AGE NUMBER but its been the MOST anticipated birthday for me, hmm mite be that milkshake I had lol.

So my hopes for April. I’d like to have to be able to have or obtain a JOB, it would be NICE to buy clothes and things I needed to make that happen, but if you broke you just BROKE ya digg?? But we’ll have to see. I’ve noticed BIG BIG CHANGES YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair was hella super sport short and now it’s GROWING =D. I’m excited, I took my cutie patootie hair style out coz a WHOLE track section slipped out and I honestly didn’t feel like gluing it back like the others (but too those ones were just CORNERS). So since my birthday’s coming up I’m thinkin about goin to a salon to get it done. We’re gonna throw in a lil bit of blue. It’s my fav COLOR, don’t judge me fruit loop ^_^. Also I’m still working on my learning to do nails…had a success or two. But I do believe that I don’t have enough body parts to count the failures. But like the saying goes…there is NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE, REGRET, OR MISTAKES if you DON’T AT LEAST TRY FIRST. And that’s the god honest truth.
I’ve also come to another conclusion. Member how I was FEINING for the mailman like a pitbull in heat. That feeling’s gone. I mean that type like oooo wait did I miss a MEMO on how I SHOULD BE FEELIN right now. It had me wondering if truly was I really just lusting after his fine as expensive wine ass, IDK *shrugs*. Even though I’d like to know, what the deal is lol. So honestly I’m thru, I’m tired of hearing Mz. Fairy Princess Shit in my ear saying:

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know

Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Some day when my dreams come true

AS IF, BITCH!!!! I truly do think now that since I’ve been hurt so bad and can’t seem to know what I’m looking for (rather than say I WHAT I’m looking for coz I won’t rule that there maybe a few issues I’ve got or attributes I’m lacking) that I’m tired of trying. I get tired of hearing people talk about their BFs & GFs or how s/he did this for me or OOOO WE’RE GETTING MARRRIEEEEEDDDDD (one word that tosses my cookies forsure). I thought the KID thing would get old but naw all this LOVEY DOVEY Chris Hashbrown shit is fuckin up my digestive system -_O *grabs a handful of ROLAIDS & TUMMS*. So fuck it, in the mean time I’ll be a Playerette ;D. Fuck who I want, when I want, how I want, where I want, & becoz I MUTHAFUCKIN WANT TO!!! =D lmao. Seriously tho, I’d rather have just a sexually relationship without getting too deep or attach. It saves my broken fragile half-living heart, but also gives me the satisfaction that I want and need. Plus I’m going to look into getting sum tubes TIED. I don’t need kids, I really don’t. I want my children to come from a STABLE HAPPY home like I did, but since we got so many damn ppl in the world who cant make up there mind at a fuckin McDonalds on if they want a BIG MAC or a Third Pounder Angus BEEF Shroom & Swiss…..what makes you think that marriage and a happy home will be a PIECE OF SWEET CAKE??? Lol so whatever I’m done and tired. I’mma work on Wish and move on to the NEXT (sings: I’M MOVIN ONN, OOONNNNN!!! MOOVVVVIIINNNN OONNN…I’ll be MOOVVVIN OONNNNN!!!) And I’m pretty sure I did come to a good deal and conclusion (after all the thongs, gstrings & other cute panties I brought that one day hehe ;D).
Another thing I’d like to work on is LOOSING SUM WEIGHT…..yep I don’t mind being a big girl or a thicky thick girl. But I do MIND when I can’t find a bra and JEANS to fit me correctly -_- damn shame. So I’ve been doing good I try not to eat a WHOLE LOT during the day and then try not to PIG OUT in the middle of the night either lol. But it takes time I’ll just have to see how things go in the NEAR FUTURE.  I guess I’ll have MORE to say when May gets here ^_^ hehe, I’ll have a FEW THINGS to post and get off my chest by then I’m sure of it =D. But definitely be sure to look out for a few posts that’ll be getting posted during this month okey doke O_o *with??* 6_6 *I swear HONESTLY if this damn SHIFT key doesn’t stay in its fucking place OOOOO GGGRRRRRRRR* -_6 …..anywayz…

OH YEAH, ok so since APRIL is here and maybe a few weeks back I said that I was going to set April as the DO IT YOURSELF month…when it comes to nails that it is lol. I have a FEW designs that I’m going to do for you gals. SO DEF BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THAT lol I just finished my lil toes a while ago we got some bright springy summer colors with cute designs on both big toes ^_^ it was time for a change, besides my nails change color in the SUN *chorus: AAAHHHHH!!!!* hehe but I’ll tell you more about that later ON!!!

Stay Sugar Sweet!!



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