Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's More Than Being Slow...

Ok so I'm not tryin to be a "hard ass" about this. But I swear this has got to be the most dumbest thing I've ever READ!!!!

Now if you buy a hair color and it GIVES YOU the NAME of the COLOR then dammit that's the color. Now if I bot something like Coca-Cola and see that it's a dark brown to black with a RED HUE/TINT then I'm gonna assume when I DYE my hair there's a possibility that it will look like that. Sames goes for any color.

But dammit if I buy a HONEY BLONDE or FIRE ENGINE RED and dye my hair & then ask......why my hair come out blonde or why is my hair this STOP SIGN RED???? Someone plz drop kick me and then shoot me -_-........

you read it for yourselves and tell me what you interpreted from it.
Why Is My Hair BLUE??


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