Friday, April 2, 2010

I Think I Gave Up On Love...


I can feel it in my heart
This sporadic beating that may tear me apart
That face is burned into my memory bank
It was…I’d like to thank
Opened my mind, body & soul
Made me cherish Love & not Control
But that voice; I often hear
That I know too well
Stirs up memories
Some I dread like hell—
But what’s the use?
The pain, lost, hurt…
The heartache, that cut my soul
For me was a toll
I feel this twinge in my heart
As I try to close my eyes
In hope of a dream
Maybe just once I can reminisce
But then I soon realize
As Rainbow colored tears fall from my eyes
That this feeling I cannot hide
Will be my demise
That familiar aura that floats in the wind
I turn up to look for…
I notice the sunset
I slump down to my knees
Letting my tears get redirected by the cool breeze
Wishing that one day, that
Mysterious Royal Serenity will help set my heart free…


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