Saturday, March 27, 2010



SO party peeps(!!) finally was able to get back online. Sucks tho, coz even though this old gateway hunk of junk that by the miraculousness of GOD still works, its givin me a hard ass time regardless -_- smdh.  

Here’s the 4-1-1. The phone was chillin in the RICE PATTY CAKE JACUZZI for FOUR yes 4(!!) days and YUP aint shit working *sighs* feels like I lost the love of my life….in once sense I truly did, so for now I’m going to put a few things on HOLD because since my phone took a swim in the toilet I had a LOT of posts that were begun or in the works or about to be finished *disgruntled sigh* so I’mma have to see what are the possibilities of me getting that *KINK* worked out =p.


Um, I took the hard drive out of the HP the one with the BURNT screen. So after doing a few HANDY DANDY things, and looking for disappeared Restore Discs (and of course no LUCK finding them) I was ready to put it in the Gateway. Then I found out that the gateway can house two hard drives so I put the HP hard drive into the empty parking spot and had a few speed bumps and missed a few stop signs and lights before I got it a pretty good config…I still receive a few error messages and it’s been updating for about 4 days. So we got a working computer (some what) that’s better than nothing right??


So in hopes of a WORKING COMPOOTER I was always in good HIGH apple pie in the SKY type shit hopes that I would have all my MUSIC from itunes right?? ^_^
Damn. Was I ever so wrong—
Stupid itunes kept telling me that my USER ID & PASSWORD was wrong… and after about a GOOD 3hrs of fuckin with that, it finally let me sign on. But here’s the best part no music….. no movies… shows……NO-THING!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH WTOSIT??? (what type of shit is this???) OMG you guys don’t know HOW PISSED I was to give my second to the LAST authorization on this laptop and all my music & stuff is GONE its *POOF* PWND -_- so now I’m searching files and stuff thinkin if I a copy or even a BACK UP of my itunes so that I can at least say THANX YA MUCH LAWD I CAN LIVES AGAINT…..but seeing how things are going, I serisously doubt that’ll happen. Now its not that I’m lazy but after putting in a few pretty pennies into ITUNES for music movies and more I WANT MY MUTHAFUCKIN SHIT BACK DAMMIT >_@!!!

Peachiness-ness ^_^

So back in the day a good 12 years ago lol I was a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. I mean I LIVED BY THAT SHOW made me actually think that junior high or high school could be that cool—I was wrong but it still gave me hopes. So I bot this collection for a pretty penny but its totally worth it, most of it is in Japanese. No biggie, I understand a little bit but I do have the subtitles up though haha. So I was googling about because I vaguely remember when the show started and I can only remember some of the episodes I seen so far (I’m still on part 1 disc 2 episode 1 lol). In the US the show made it’s debut in 1998 between June & July but sadly and abruptly ended in 2002 of July & August…quite honestly I think it was earlier than that but that’s my opinion. I thought it was a GREAT show!! It held my interest and was always kept interesting. I understand the whole thing with censoring the NUDITY and whatnot but UM isn’t Family guy censor and the UNCENSOR (or at least some) are aired on TBS & Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim…so what was the real excuse?? It was a DEEP subject when I reading that information today. But whatever I’m happy to have it and its been making my day ^_^.

So for now I’m in a depressing contented pissed off kinda livid mood. But I’mma make the best of it and do what I need to and keep it movin….*checks out hole in shoe* 6_6….O_O if I can last that long -_-.


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