Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Him vs. He"

Last night I went to be angry
Mad as hell
Pissed the fuck off
Because he never came home
But it's not the first time
I doubt it'll be the last
I just can't take this any more
His lying, his cheating
But I can only be so mad at him
Because even when he's gone
I can still smell him
He's intoxicating
Feel his touch
The way he
Whispers always catches my attention
He's fine, no questions bout that
His sex is unbelievable
Sometimes, it's just plain lazy
But still he's so damn persuasive
Can't seen to help it
But I'll be damn
To let this façade continue
But things are about to change
Cause I'mma have FUN
And pick me up someone
But I don't care
Because tonight
When I lay my body on those sheets
An my head on that pillow
When he decides to come home tonight
His spot is being taken
By my new man

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