Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now Thats What I Call Nail Salon vol. 1 >lol<


I'm a nail polish freak. A nail salon whore. But I'm not that one chick (or chicks) we all know so well with the color of the Skittles on her fingers that's tacky as i don't know what!! But anyway I've come to the conclusion that imma take my mama's advice (which isn't often) and start doing my own nails. Coz these HIGH as SKY PIE Prices & black sticky shit on the bottom performance & quality ain't flying for me NO WAY JOSIER *lol* so well see & what I do plan on doing guys is post a few pictures of designs and HOW TOs. Coz if you can polish your nails you can DEFINITELY do your own nails. So be on the look out on that we might start that for April coz I got a few back up that's going to get posted for March ^_^.

As always!!

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