Monday, March 22, 2010

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So, we're having a few malfuctions. Damn shame right?? So here's what happened. Got my midnight snack last night & talked to my homegirl Kitty Velvette, right?? So we was sayin good night to each other & I go to the bathroom to brush my hair tie it down you kno. So Im puttin stuff back and was about to wash my hands and i hear this *BONK!! BLOOP!!!!* im like damn gotta get whatever fell in the toilet coz we have a storage space up over the toilet. So im lookin like what fell??? Then instinct told me to check my pocket. Im like WTF IS MY FONE?!?!?!?!?!!!?!!??? :-@

Yep my fone fell OUT MY POCKET & into the muthafuckin TOILET

>GAY< I kno. So for now the iPhone is chillin in rice for a few days to seewhat happens but imma FREAK if i cant get my saved notes & all that other good junk!!!! Yea so guys & gals imma be (lol imma be imma be imma be XD) workin on the comp to see if the hard drive from the HP can go into the gateway & if not restore the settings in the Gateway & get my plug & transfer files then save back ups on my itty bitty toshiba portable hard drive lol. Try sayin that five times hahaha. Well for now im fin to wait on my DINNER (havin PIZZA tonite =} eek!!) & ill HOLLA in a lil while ^_^

Stay Sweet :^)



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