Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love, Lust & Individuality

Hey chickens!!!

I know you missed me and of course I missedididid YAWL!!! =D. So I'm still working on a few posts so yea still TBA but I do have sum good news tho!! My comp work and love, life, sweat & tears may not be lost forEVER!!! Imma see if an old laptop I have works and change hard drives to see what happens ^_^. So goodness there RIGHT!?!?!?! Anyway on with the SHOW =D

So a bunch been going on and of course you know I break things down to TWO Topics per post any more you'll be OMG THIS CHITCH IS ILL (Chitch = Chicken + Bitch ^_^). So this go round we're gonna do THREE topics, yes 3, and because I think they go well together and flow NICELY ^_^ hehe.


So if you don't know my homegirl hooked me up on Monday (3/8) and did my hair for me and y'all IT IS KAY-YOOT (cute)!!! Lol it's blonde and black ^_^ talkin bout some sexy ass colors anyway. Mz. Kitty (y'all member her) posted up sum cute pics and I ask if she colored it or not and we got into a convo bout hair colors and coloring and what not so her fam pops in sayin that you shouldn't be following the crowd or doing that coz you'll neve get a JOB blah blahity blah blahness whatever. So I'm like well I mean pol have a reason for wanting to do things. But that's what makes them individual. And I threw in my $50,000 ya kno me. But it made me think.

Why is it that when a young person or adult does something they're automatically labeled. Like WTF. I have colored hair ha for a year. I have piercings and plan on getting more *dida-duh* and a few tattoos. But it's not coz I'm following the crowd, FUCK THAT BITCH ASS CROWD!! I do it to PROMTE my individuality, ya digg?? Then her fam went intorhis whole oh bak in the day is where it's at had the best morals type mess. I wasn't saying they didn't that's the type stuff that'll make the world GO-Round. I'm saying and I said shit changes. Look at fashion. Women went from boufants and Cinderella dresses to flapper dresses & knit ponte pants. But that's change AKA EVOLUTION. Things change no we may not be all Nifty Fifty but it doesn't mean we don't know how to dress. I mean shit you would not catch a Movie Starrah Bitch DEAD in a dress that Mz. Thang had on last year at the Oscars. I'm telling you!!! But to me it's sad that people of today cannot accept ppl for who they are. I mean hell the clothes, jewelry, colored hair doesn't make you. You have to MAKE IT. That's the point. Someone can have on a Guccie outfit and still look a HOT SHITTY mess but you put the same identical outfit on another peep and they can make it look good.

Individuality is not an IMAGR thing. It's a personal aspect of our characteristic attributes. They're males and females but not every chick or dude are the same they can be different—BOTTOM LINE >>>> INDIVIDUALITY FOO!!! Smh

So shit do you. You love you for yourself rock that shit homey!! Imma biracial, thugged out emo blonde haired piercing toting white girl sounding CHITCH and if ppl accept ms RITE ON and if not that's their muthafuckin issue malfunction not mine.....OH to DA WELL!! Ya digg??? So be Individual and definitely BE YOU!!!! ^_^



Love. A LOT can be said about love. But what's funny even tho that can be done, in the end we still have NO idea of what L-O-V-E can do.

I'm all for love always had, always will. But I just can't do love lol. Why you think I write on here?? Naw I'm just playing lol =D. I kno the ins and outs of love and of course the ENDS & BEGINS of it too. I'm the type of chick that'll give a person all my love it could be just friends or could be my lover. That's just how I am but I don't deal with Part-Time Love affairs where the cocksucker wants all your love but ain't gonna give a half of a leaf to wipe yo shitty ass with. I HATE THAT!!!! >_< pisses me to NO end!! Then there was this one thing that popped up in my life and had me requestioning things. At first I'll admit it I wasn't interested in him, but as the time grew on (sounds cliché I kno) my heart would skip a beat or fall head over hills for him. And I guess you can say in one since fell in love with him. What's funny I wasn't expecting it nor did I think I could EVER feel that way about a guy before. But now he's gone and I can't help but to think have I made a mistake about not giving him a chance or telling him that I wanted a chance?? But I don't know I can't get too caught up in something that's not mine let alone make decisions or have a say knowing the whole while I could be DAMN wrong. But I do think he was worth it tho. Things happen and you know that saying. If you truly love something let it go, coz it may come right back to you. But that's how Love works. It has it's ups and downs. It can make or break you. Love can love you or hate you or even Love/Hate you. Regardless though it's better to experience all the BS that comes along with love so that later one if and when you do find THAT LOVE you'll know what to do wit it and definitely know how to Love it back.....rite??


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