Friday, March 5, 2010

"Can't Help"

Can't help...
But to check him out
That sexy fine ass walk he has
Is eye catching
The way he looks me up and down
While licking those full lips
Goatee & mustache trimmed just right
Sea-sick offa them waves
Can't help but study that walk
Like it's going to be an exam tomorrow
Even when he flashes that
Killer Playboy Smile
Wets my panties every time
He's definitely a thug
His tattoos tell HIStory
Like dew on a soda can
He's tantalizing
That deep rugged voice
Feels like ice cubes fallin down
To my lower back
Where I'd love for him to be
All the ladies want him
But he's only interested in one
A supa dupa fly chick
I'm talk bout a real Bad Bitch
Skin the color of caramel
With then almonded hazel eyes
Thick lips
To match her lucious hips
She's like French's Honey Dijon
Sweet & Spicy
Got it written on her body: Ecstasy
She may seem nice
But it looks like she carries a switch blade knife
Her body goes good with his
Sumtin like a Twix
Oh he's dynamite fine
But I'm....
Standing at attention
Can't help but to check out his girl
More than him—

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