Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March | Ugh, February

SO!! Lol Happy March Yawl!! This time where gonna switch it up and I'mma get my March thoughts out first then the February thoughts at the end ^_^.

Back to March. Speaking of that I still wanna see the movie Miss March =D. So what's in store for March?? A LOT!!

So in about 1-2 weeks I plan on get my hair did ^_^. I'm getting a quick weave in a cute style. It doesn't need to be cut and look like this

But something cute and sophisticated. That'll always look nice and sweet. Something that's not going to scare people away or have them question, "Now if that's NOT her real hair.....what Play-Doh did she use to get that WICKED hairstyle?? LMAO LMAO..." ya kno?? Lol but something like these are def up my alley

And this one

And I will be SET!! I ordered my hair thought coz the two hair stores (Beauty Supply Store) we have seem to have gotten limited. Damn shame if you ask me since it is in the HOOD. So like always I went to the online beauty store Golden Mart Beauty Supply

They were having a sell on 10 & 27 pieces for $12.99.

Here's the ad I got in the email:

Do Me Human 10 & 27PC

100% Human Hair & Tangle Free Style to be one of a kind.


* Wash Hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water. Do not rub or twist the hair. * Apply cream rinse or conditioning spray as desired. * Pat dry and gently brush with wide toothcomb from the bottom of hair first to gradually moving up.*


I brought me a little of both ^_^. So were shooting for either a blonde or blue bang something lol. But I heard it's a great way to grow the natural hair. I want to grow it out so I can cut off the old color and then start over lol. But it takes time and patience RIGHT? Lol so by time First Day Of Spring rolls around my hair will be looking GOOD!! =D lol and when and if the weather breaks I'd be HELL ON WHEELS coz I'm heading to te nail SHOP! Lol plus I need some fresh AIR hehe.

Anyway topic 2. So now in trying to scimp and save my pennies to get me a new comp. I'm going to get a may cost a little more (well a LOT more we're talking $6,000) but in all honesty I think it's worth it. I really do. Because I can deal with Widows changing shit more so than Square Dancers. So eff it I'm getting a Mac and plus I get all the WORKS so who said that was a bad thing ;D lol. So in the mean time I gotta find my little note so I can call up HP and see if they'll send me the parts I need. Also I'mma try to see if I can get everything off the hard drive too. Coz I'd be DEVASTATED!!!! =( all of my pictures, poetry, novelas, novels, jotted down notes, things of my dad, and most of all my stuff I've worked on SO LONG an they're telling me I gotta let most if not ALL of that GONE?! NO WAY JOSÉ!! So that's. the main objective for now.

Well lol I got 2 months and 19 days before my 23rd birthday. I'm wonderig what I want to do but then again I really don't know. Eh it's another birthday nothing new right. I would like to go out to the club or a hot spot =D but my friends are so lame OHMIGOHD!! They're boring something entertaining is a lame conversation like sports or school or kids or the BF/GF ugh *sticks finger in mouth* >_< AHH AHHH AAAAAHHHHHH!!! So I guess well see. Maybe I'll save up my money and go on a field trip to LA or back to Hawaii =D that would make my day and I know I would enjoy it. Definitely enjoy it ^_^. But well see I sill have time lol.

4. I'm working on getting a job. I want to get rid of the thousands dollars of debt I have. It's been such a pain in the ASS that a little bit of me has given up on finishing school. Actually have a moment from time to time to cheat coz I do have the answer key, butthen I would feel guilty and wrong and also I wouldn't be able to get a job NO WAY coz of the stupid debt. Ain't that sum shit!! So since my credit is FUCKED UP no place will hire me. Or the other is since I don't have reliable transportation getting to a 9-to-5 will be hard. So I'm still considering the stripper/pornstar thing. Becoz I do need money and the Aligators are actually SNIPPING at my ASS *checks out ass 6_6* so that's another thing on the agenda not that I'm being negative but I'm looking at the big picture. Messed up credit is more than the best job in the world. No job = No $MONEY$. No $MONEY$ mean bills go SKY HIGH and my debt just increases. It's worse than in between a rock & a hard place. So being a young woman of the 21st century I've gotta do what I gotta do whether I like it or enjoy it or not. Something that needs be done ^_^.



Well that I know of......that was the worst month!!! Omg all that dramah!! You seent that lol GEEZ January we had what like 10-13 posts?? February we doubled that shit!! Damn shame. So honestly I'm happy it's over it's time to move on to something new as well as sum warm weather lol

Um not much had change over the past few days, though.

OOO!! So I did out my cousin's getting married. So my mom goes into this crazy conversation so I walk away. I don't care for marriage. I think it's a waste of time. Marriage is about wanting to be with someone. It's not about getting married to get divorce. Both the man & woman should and NEED to know if they wanna be with the other.

So my mother has this ultimate grandma thing going on. And of course her Grandma Biological Clock is ticking. So time to time I humour her about grandkids but I'm not going to have any. If I have kids I want my children to come from a stable balanced household with a mom and a DAD. And since there are so many men that are fucked up in the head & who aren't cavemen but still not a man. I don't want one, don't need one. I've been doing the job of a MAN for damn near a year. I understand the whole everyone needs to be loved and nobody wants to be alone. But men wise if I can't find a man to take on his responsibilities be the man the tree in the relationship TCB (take care of business) know how to LOVE & CARE and also give the GOOD LOVE & LOVIN & give the GOOD CARE. Always be hisself.....well mostly BE A MAN. A good man doesn't have to tell you he's a good man.

But like my horoscope said: if you have to question is a person is the one, then they're not. Your heart will know who the one is.

What's funny about that. I think I did find the one. And came to conclusions to it and even think about it. But honestly I'm not so sure about it. And it made me think....maybe we're not ALL suppose to find that one regardless of the saying. Isn't there old people who NEVER been in love or been in a relationship. But they're not horible people or have a crazy personality. So why didn't they ever find anyone?? If there's someone for everyone rule still stands??? But that's for another post right?? Lol =)

"Its hard to love someone you're not sure of how they feel about you" —Tenley, Bachelor 2010


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