Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Kwikie | Only Good For One Thing


So I'm sittin here mindin mine and enjoying sum tato chips & sum good music. Chillin. So this dude AIMs me like hey what's up what's goin on type stuff. So he asks me where I was from so I'm like Pittsburgh, PA. And he's like oh wow you're cute and I was hopin you was from London. I'm like really, he's like yea but I'd still love to have you er I mean have you come visit. I'm like maybe one day I'll see London but I can't afford it. So then he says: Well you need to check for a price. O_o. EXSQUEEZE me!?? So I say to him I'm sure it's gonna cost at least $800 ONE WAY. And he's like well look anyway and I'm thinking it's a damn shame I gotta prove shit to ppl so I googled and ended up on the American Airlines site. So guess what a ROUND WAY ticket for ONE from Pgh to London is $3000. I'm like he must be out his damn mind if imma fly 12-14 hours to London so he can a quick fuck session and then I go back home. I'm sorry but even if the sex was fucking spectacularly amazing mind blowing sex ever invented......I ain't paying for it let alone to fork out $3000 and that's just for the plane ticket that ain't hotel accomodations or food or transportation needs which is another $3000. So yea $6000 for a lousy fuck—not interested I can do better by mysel with a pretzel rod =_=.

I don't get men. I used to but now they've evovled so much and to the point that I can't keep up no more. But whatever they're only good for one thing and one thing only.....& that's if they know how to do it right in the first place.


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