Sunday, February 21, 2010


Walk in my favorite club
Dressed to kill
Typical Label Whore
But I like it
Then I noticed
This black haired brown eyed beauty
They stared right back at me
Smiled and winked
Then my song came on
DJ that song a lil louder
Coz I see a honey I need to kick it with
I catwalk my way over to their space
Asked if they'd cared to dance
& I got a yes without no questions
Bumpin & Grindin
In the middle of floor
Feelin and touchin
We both got hot
They led me to a dark corner
And felt me up
Between the flamboyant kisses
& the rubbin of my clit & tits
I don't kno which made me hornier
They told me that they loved me
Had the nerve to take me home
Foreplayed me
& ripped my clothes off
Then took of theirs
Like a Porno flick
I felt like a Porno chick
Sick, nasty & down for any & everything
Pussy juicy wet from the licking
Body hot like a bomb ticking
I was feelin it
Went to sleep happily
Woke up & realized
But I already knew
Sex with a chick
Is the best shit

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