Monday, February 1, 2010


When I get in my truck
I check the rearview mirror
& side mirrors
Then I start my ignition
Head over to my baby's house
I pull up and tap my horn
Check the mirror makin sure Im lookin good—

I see my baby ease outta house
Wearin what I like
Doin her catwalk strut
Sexy as hell
Love the way she slides in my truck
She leans over kisses me
Whispers: let's go sum place quiet—

As I pull into my garage
Caint help but think about
What I plan on doin to her
I reach for the handle
But I'm pulled back
Turn off the light she says
I turn em all off
As she climbs on top of me—

Feelin me up and down
One hand down my pants
The other holding on my neck
Resting mine on her hips
Then I switch it up
I slide one hand under her skirt
Play with the clit
Watch her wiggle & squirm
While I grab one; & suck on the other tit—

Before I know it
Her clothes are takin the passenger seat
My shirt ripped opened
My cock in her hand
I try to ease that pussy on it
She always tell me No
Then she starts pushin buttons
Moves the seat back
Moves it paralell wit the ground
Slides between my legs
Cock in hand; hand in mouth
She shuts the garage door
Hearin that metal sound—

By quarter to 2
She's propped up
One foot on the armrest
The other on the dashboard
I love the way my cock fits that pussy good
I watch this sexy silhouette
Bounce up and down
I grab her ass
& start playin with the other hole
She squeals out my name
I grab a tit
And rub that clit
I want her to cum—

Switched Positions
I get to look at that pretty face
And she grinds slow
On my cock
Can't help but lick her mocha body
Nipples like chocolate kisses
Then I lean her forward
& start penetratin that pussy
Hear her beggin for lord have mercy
Then I let it slide out
Only for her to ease back in—

She on the bottom
I'm on top
She lookin at me like she want it
I push them thick thighs back
And slide that 8" dick in gracefully
Makes her arch her back
Moan with ecstasy
One knee on the seat
I fucks her rough
I go in deep
As she grabs my shirt collar
Pulls me closer
Begs me: Go deeper, faster baby fuck me
Don't have to tell me twice—

Sexin her from the side
Still rubbin that clit
My mouth on a tit
Her sugar sweet moans in my ear
As I hit all the spots in that juicy pussy
She puts matching scratches on my arms
Screaming my name
Screaming god's name
I can tell she's luvin it
Feelin that pussy gettin hotter, wetter & tight
Imma make her cum
She tries to move away from me
But I pin her up against the door
Fuckin her continuously
Grabbing the handle
Arm tangled in the seat belt
She whispers: don't stop

I flip over on her back
She on top sexin me like no tomorrow
I lay her on top of me
And begin to beat that pussy up
She squeals and wiggles
But oh no we finishin this babe
I keep hittin that spot
Heard her say: I'm gonna cum!
I keep fuckin her right
Lookin for sumtin to grab
She snatches up mid-air
Comin on strong
She props herself up
To take in all of it
& I'm feelin it
Tries to it pull out
But I won't let her
Grab her hips
Let that pussy take all of this dick
Then I heard her scream
As I watch the pussy juices clean my windshield
The way her pussy grabs hold on my dick
Can't help but let it go—

I wake up, unaware of my surroundings
I look and stare
As the light gleams on me
Panties gone
Bra unhooked
Can't help but touch myself
Then I hear:
Hey babe cmon outta the car
Come wit me to the bedroom—

Damn that was the weirdest dream,


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