Monday, February 1, 2010

"Tip Jar Shoes"

When he comes home
From a long day at work
He unlocks the door
I wait to hear that *click*
Then I get myself ready
He puts down his things at the door
Heads to the kitchen for his beer
I kno my babys routine
Like that one song on my fav CD

I picked out his favorite color
Sheer lingerie that's leaves
Nothing to the imagination
What's in his pants in my designation
I roll my fishnets up my leg
To hold my thigh just right
Then I hear my baby ask:
Babe you home? 

"Yes, I'm up stairs"

I liven up the senses
With that Pure Seduction—
Wakes up his eyes
His mind
His taste
His ears
His *want*
I hear him slowly creeping the stairs
Like he's looking for something
On every step 
I preoccupy myself with earrings 
As the anticipation of the door knob turns
The door eases open
With a sensual sexy squeal
As he looks me up and down
& softly retorts, "Damn"
I stare him dead in the eye
Say, "Hey baby, how was your day?"
My question is the answer to the slammed door

As he ease up behind me
Stops me from what I'm doin
Wraps his arms around my waist
Caresses my body
We're not resisting
The way he makes me feel—
He pushes me up against the dresser
Grinds on me as if there's no tomorrow
He's my neccessity 
But he's also what I want
& he knows it 
He turns me around
Thinking he can get in a quick round
I push him off
A world of confusement clouds his face
I kiss him lightly 
And sit him on the bed

"No, no baby, you gotta be patient"

I ease over to the closet
All of his attention on me
I drop it down real low
Giving him a real Mind Fuck
Then I ease up slow
Accessories in hand
Heard him say, "Damn" ...again
"Babe, lemme see what's in your hand"
Mm mm mmm
As I kiss those sweet lips
Sat on his lap
As his chocolate body intertwined
With the mocha body of mine
As he kissed me and felt me
I showed him the hand I was playing
Took a minute to look
And I asked him
"Do you want a dance?"


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